Sometimes you just need those smiles . . .


Richard Armitage has such a lovely smile. It’s more than the delicate shape of that upper lip with its Cupid’s-bow and the way the corners of his mouth seem to naturally want to curl upwards, more than the gleaming white teeth or that crease–dimple?–in his left cheek. It’s the expressiveness of it.  It’s the sweetness, the tenderness, the shyness, the goofiness,the sexiness; the mischief in it at times. The kindness. Even the sadness is lovely. For the chaRActers who rarely smile, the moments when they do are all the more special. All these smiles touch my heart, my soul.

And tonight I really need some of those smiles.

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  1. That smile can certainly do wonders for us. It can make us smile even as we mourn or weep; brighten the darkest day; lift us up when we feel downcast and bring healing to wounded hearts and souls. He is undoubtedly one of a kind, bless him!

  2. His smile can do wonders. Whenever I see it, I just have to smile, too. They are addictive and “catching”! I hope they brighten your spirits during this difficult time.times

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