Daily Archives: August 7, 2012

Wet, Tousled Armitage


I have always loved these 2007 photos by Chris Floyd. I can truly say I find Richard Armitage gorgeous pretty much no matter what he does with his hair or his beard  or stubble or lack thereof.  But there’s something about the longish hair, wet and disheveled, that “bed-head” look, that “just stepped out of the shower and toweled my head a bit” I find really appealing.  Also those magnificent, luminous eyes shining through those damp tousled locks . . . and the lips parted ever so slightly, or curved into a slight and enigmatic smile.  The sexy, sexy man of mystery.  And great fun to play with . . . in terms of photo editing, of course. (Oh, love the white shirt, too.)

More smiles courtesy of Mr. A


Word Press is being stroppy tonight here at Chez Fedoralady. Just doesn’t want to let me add any more artwork. Anyway, here’s more of those lovely smiles from Mr. A–Lucas, on a charm offensive (and he’s an ace at it) and Mr. Thornton taking a break from looking stern and rather grim to captivate us with a sweet, sweet smile, crinkles and eyelashes and all.

More writing done–a good start on the “new” Chapter 3. Time is still scrambled up for me somehow. Sleep is erratic. This afternoon, a heavy thundershower but no nearby lightning strikes or loss of power, thank heavens. Just messes with my FMS.

 However, looking into the face of Dr. Track–kind blue eyes, crinkled brow and that sweet smile–allows me to answer his question in the affirmative. Hope it does the same for you.