Armitage’s Chameleon Eyes


Blue-eyed Armitage’s peepers turn camo green here in a scene from Strike Back.


Guy’s eyes here appear to be a light and very chilling grey here to me.
They are looking pretty blue here at the 2010 BAFTAs.

OK, I think we all agree Richard’s eyes are blue. Sometimes they look bluer than others, depending on his wardrobe, lighting (natural and artificial) set colors, makeup and photo editing tools for publicity stills. But they do have an amazing ability to pick up other colors in his environment, with subtle changes of hue. Like the man himself, his eyes are rather chameleon-like.  Blue, grey, green, even a sort of tan–what color are Mr. A’s eyes today? All of these are taken from RichardArmitageNet’s gallery.

Clearly, baby’s got blue eyes. Unretouched photo of RA at autograph table at Comic-Con. Courtesy of RAnet

If I had only ever seen Richard as John Porter in certain scenes in Strike Back, I would assume he had crystalline green eyes.

Monet’s eyes were an incandescent blue reflecting the colors of the sea and sky Monet loved capturing on canvas.

Thornton’s eyes appear to be a sober bluish-grey here.

Cool blue Spooks lighting create Lucas Blue eyes.

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    • *shields her eyes momentarily*
      *finds an empty spot amongst -thudded- bodies*
      *spreads out overstuffed downy comforter*
      *checks positioning for optimum performance*
      *opens eyes and slowly scans down images, stopping on each one to stare appreciatively*

        • Judit … I have come to realize that when Angie puts together a collection of *gorgeous* Mr. A images, and then adds her special brand of description designed to make a girl melt, well, said girl should be prepared. (Girl Scouts rule!) 😉

          Angie … thanks for the melt today. I needed that! 😉

          OK, going back for one more look. Don’t move the comforter … 😀

          • You are welcome, my dear. Re special brand of description–One of my interviewees, a delightful old cowboy who owned a rehabbed movie theatre, said he liked the way I “added color and painted pictures with my [feature] stories.” I wrote many successful straight news stories but what I really loved writing were the features, the human interest pieces.

  1. The makers or Spooks certainly knew how to use his beautiful eyes to good effect….sigh & sniff (currently rewatching S9 😦 )

    • I still can’t rewatch it past the first two or three eps. 😦 But yes, he has an almost otherworldly sort of beauty with the darker hair emphasizing the pale skin and making the eyes really pop in that cool blue lighting. A lot of arresting visuals of him from Spooks.

      • I watched the first episode of Spooks S9 last night (“Are you okay baby?” asks Lucas…oh, yes…*sigh*) but I can feel myself getting anxious knowing what’s ahead of me. I’m determined to watch the whole series this time because Richard’s performance is riveting and I’m missing out. 😦
        What episode are you up to, Beachbaby?

        • It is difficult to watch S9 but worth seeing Richard’s performance again. It took me over a month to watch it again because I kept pausing. I only watched a bit at a time. I spent a lot of time crying or a little bit sick because of what was coming but it was worth it.

          • I think in my particular case I have been through so much that has caused me to cry over the past several months– extreme physical pain, grief, a huge disappointment, all beyond my control–it seems as if I would be foolish to intentionally cause myself further tears, anxiety and pain by rewatching Spooks 9. That’s just where I am. I want to feel better, not even more depressed.

            And maybe my view will change.

            But right now, I honestly have no desire to ever re-watch it. I can look at some screencaps and some vids with snippets but that’s about it. I do not own the DVDs–it is on my computer should I feel the desire to see it again. I have only rewatched the first two eps. Don’t care to go any further.

  2. Those Porter eyes are just… Ohmygod. I’d love to do a case study on Richard’s changeable eye colour..That would require me following him around for a while…Purely for research purposes, you understand! 😀

    • As I said, mine change colors, too–back in the early days of our relationship, Benny sent me a card talking about my ” really pretty green eyes” and I had to thank him and then inform him they were actually blue LOL But they don’t change to the degree that RA’s do by any means. It is still amazes me how they dilate in certain scenes–when Guy is throwing Robin off the cliff, it’s not dark by any means but the pupils are HUGE. HOW does he do that? I mean, short of putting in drops to dilate them, and then you’re horribly sensitive to light. ??

  3. HMmmmmmmmmmmmmm…why don’t my changeable eyes ever look as good as Richard’s? Mine are blue/grey/green, too, Angie.

    Richard’s eyes are absolutely mesmurizing (how the flippin’ heck do you spell that word?). I think I’m just going to have a quick peek to see what colour they are in a certain photo and then there’s no way I can look away again!

    • Look into his eyes and he owns you. *sigh* Oh, and you almost had it right. mesmerizing. From Anton Mesmer, the doctor who also coined the phrase “animal magnetism” back in the 18th century. Hmmmm–something else I would say could describe Mr. A. –animal magnetism. 😀

      • Thank you. Co-incidence or what? I have just received notification of a post by Prue (Mesmered) so I should have waited just a little longer and I would have known how to spell “mesmerizing” 😀

        Yep, the man (or The Man as judiang called him!) does have animal magnetism in spades, doesn’t he?

      • “Mesmerizing eyes” and “animal magnetism”!! Wow, those words describe Mr A to a T!!! My husband had the same blue/grey eyes as Richard and their colour varied from blue to grey and to green depending on what he was wearing. It doesn’t seem to matter what colour Richards eyes are or what role he is in, I am captivated by them in a way I have never experienced with anyone else.

        When I look at him in Comic-Con pictures his eyes have something unique about them that the others he is photographed with just don’t have and I don’t think I am just being biased when I say that!

        I’ve noticed the dilating pupil thing too Angie and wondered if a rush of adrenalin could account for it – as in the throwing Robin off the cliff scene? I doubt they would do it artificially as that would be hard on his eyes would imagine.

        • I have noticed his eyes just seem to stand out from others when he is in a group. I suspect it is the rush of adrenaline, too, that helps cause the dilation of pupils. I don’t think our Method actor would want to resort to artificial means even if it didn’t hurt his eyes.

          • Agreed. However, human pupils take almost half and hour to adapt from darkness to light, much more than the other way. If you stay in a darkened room and then keep your eyes closed or protected behind really dark glasses, that plus some Method will give you about 15 to 20 minutes of darkened dilated pupils.

            • I bet some dark shades on our Method Man probably helped him. Now I have this vision of Richard with his Guy hair and threads and big dark shades. All he needs is his cap and he can be Officer Gizzy. 😉

  4. Heeelllppp, please……now Twitter is saying my session has expired and, no matter what I do, it won’t re-connect me and there’s this pink dialogue box glaring at me???????

    • You’re on twitter? 🙂 I’m afraid I have no idea what the pink dialogue box means. Never had that time-out error message, I didn’t even know a twitter session COULD expire! Sorry! 😦

      • Sorry, Judit…that was a general plea for help, not directed just at you.

        Yes, I’m on Twitter now….well, maybe!! I thought I’d let everyone know but obviously I hadn’t. My username is livinlovindoll and I’m using a pic of Lucas sleeping as my avatar. The “livinlivindoll” bit comes from a song sung by Cliff Richard (English man now 71 years of age!) back in the 1960s. I’ve been a fan since he started singing in 1958.

        Unfortunately, Twitter has now suspended my account and I have to APPEAL to get it reactivated!!! I don’t know why but, after that message about my session expiring, I haven’t been able to re-connect and now the suspension! I’m seriously thinking maybe I won’t bother anymore. I’m appealing against the suspension, though, as I think it’s a bit unfair to do that to a newbie who doesn’t know her way around yet.

        Sorry, Angie…way OT, I know.

        Anyway, ladies, the old back and neck are playing up and my head is aching so I’m off to lie down. See you tomorrow. 🙂

  5. I think his eyes are a very pale blue-grey and reflect his surroundings. The bloodflow in the eyes also influences the colour, and of course there’s the autonomous nevous system that regulates the width of the pupils. Maybe his parasympathicus is the dominant part? Any experts among us? 🙂

    • My background is in nuts-&-bolts psych + engineering. However, I have also seen people whose eyes are blue in neutral light, but change all the way through gray to even hazel depending on the surrounding colours and lighting. My daughter is an example I know well; normally her eyes are almost cobalt blue and the effect is intensified, curiously, in cold weather. Some of it depends on her parasympathetic nervous system, and part of it is just her.

  6. I don’t know whether it’s my imagination, but in Spooks S9 (only two episodes in) the lighting on the Grid is different now, and thus Richard/Lucas’s eyes aren’t as vividly blue a lot of the time. In many of the scenes his eyes are quite dark because of the dilated pupils. This is creating what I call the John Bateman look to surface intermittently, that slightly menacing look with the winged brows, not so much of the otherworldly look we’ve come to identify with Lucas.

    • Yes, I agree, there were changes underway–the lighting, and we see the wardrobe differences and the hairstyle changing, too, as the series progresses. And of course, more and more flashes of John Bateman. *sigh*

  7. There is nothing left to say other than, the man has beautiful chameleon eyes alright and I am convinced that if he were to look at me with a little mischievous glint in them, I would probably faint into a coma.

  8. The last picture never fails to take my breath away. I am currently rewatching Spooks 8 and the title sequence is such a treat.

  9. On the top photo his eyes look blue to me. I have never seen RA look like he has green eyes. The last photo to me that is what piercing blue eyes look like. I would be under his spell in 3 seconds with RA looking at me with eyes like that. I would be under his spell in 3 seconds not matter what.

    • Ah, but you see, Xenia, you haven’t seen Strike Back. Trust me, if you’d only seen him in those desert scenes surrounded by tans and olive greens and earth tones, you would think he had green eyes. 😀 Beautiful green eyes . . . *sigh*

      • I found his eyes to be unbelievably beautiful in SB – just as HE is that series! (His role as John Porter is one of my all-time favourites! John is certainly MY idea of a hero and he played him to perfection, IMO) The face camo just made his eyes pop even more!

        • You know I love me some John Porter, girl. John was a wonderful hero, tough and ruthless when necessary, but also capable of great tenderness. We saw that in his encounters with his daughter and with Katie.

      • Darn, I had better get to watching Strike Back. 🙂 I am off from work now until next Wednesday so I am going to try to find SB someplace online. I don’t want to buy it.. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can stream it please enlighten me. Thank you

  10. His eyes’ color… I have a love-hate relationship with them. Well, more accurately I don’t like them when they’re green.
    I know I sound silly, but at the SB airing, I had developed a crush on his blue-grey eyes (too many Guy pics, I guess) that seeing them green kind of made me “??? where are his beautiful blue eyes??”. *chuckles to herself*

    Anyway, I’m sure it must come in handy if your eyes “change” to suit your surroundings.

    OML 🙂

  11. Thanks, Angie and Judit. I might do that later today, but I’ll also be interested to see what happens with my 1st account

    Now…what name to do I give myself this time? Or should I put it under my own name seeing the 1st one was an alias? hehe. I’ll think about it while I’m having my hair coloured this afternoon!

    Must dash and get into the shower.

    See you later 😀

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