Small Screen Armitage on the Big Screen


Like many of you, I am tickled pink at the thought of seeing Richard on the big screen again this Christmas and in 3D–and lots more than the 10 minutes or so we got of Heinz before he bit the dust (uh, Mr. Armitage? Could you try to do a few more roles where you do actually survive the final credits? Pretty please? Thanks).

So, this led me to think:  if you could choose just one scene from one of RA’s past projects for television to see on the big screen, what would that scene be?   Porter consoling Katie? The Vicar and Harry’s marriage? Lucas’s scene in the washroom? Guy doing–just about anything? Or, perhaps, the train station scene with Margaret and John?  Do tell!


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  1. Much as I love him in so many other roles, it would have to be the train station scene!! It has to be THE most romantic screen kiss ever AND they did it with all their clothes on which to me made it all the more beautiful!! Now THAT is swoonworthy in my eyes!!

  2. It would have to be the train station scene for me too. Not just because the visual is so beautifully romantic and swoonworthy, but that gorgeous music swelling through the theatre sound system would be the icing on the cake. 🙂

    • The music was truly the “icing on the cake”. I wonder why they didn’t made a sound-track of it that we could buy? I think it would have sold like hot cakes!

      • My theory is they had no idea just how popular the production would become–after all, how many costume dramas has the BBC done which didn’t cause anything like this reaction?– and more or less dropped the ball on capitalizing on it. I mean,look at the publicity stills of John and Margaret. Not the best photos of him at all. And we all know how gorgeous he can look.

        • How right you are! Even the cover pictures they used for the DVD case – at least the one I have – are so poor and uninteresting! No-one would guess what is inside! 😉

        • Couldn’t they have used the screencaps from the train station scene as publicity photos? OK it’s a bit of a spoiler but wow, wow, wow they both look beyond gorgeous on those pics..

          • I was doing some artwork using some of those screencaps last night and thinking the same thing–they are both quite, quite lovely in those stills. But, I suppose it would have been a bit of a spoiler. *sigh*

  3. Of course the train station kissing scene is my number one choice. I would also love to see him in the scene where he first meets the Vicar. They are in Harry’s living room and he is checking her out.

  4. Girls I´m with you. The train station scene was the most romantic one that I´ve ever seen in all my life. But… any Guy scene would be great,too.Imagine that Guy scene when he is talking to Mary (s1 ep9) in 3D and his face apears in all screen with those beautiful blue eyes. It would be something breathtaking.

  5. Any of those scenes would be breathtaking on the big screen. *fans self*

    The one I’d most like to see … Marian, dressed provocatively, visits Guy at Locksley Manor, late at night, as he tries on the armor. (S2 E3) Candlelight. No sound except the crackling fire. She is mesmerized by the look of him. He moves to her, almost challengingly. Her hand slowly reaches out to touch his naked chest. He stops it just before contact and folds it into his grasp, close enough to his chest to feel the warmth of his skin …

    That image — — on the big screen? Somebody call 911, the audience is on fire.

    (Of course, in my version, RH would *not* be a voyeur outside the window, and the –ummm — natural progression of events would have continued uninterrupted. 😉 )

    • Now you have me wanting to see THIS scene on the big screen!! 😉 Marian was certainly “stirred” and how could any red-blooded female not be? Do you think she was merely going to give him her hand in friendship? I doubt it!! That hand was certainly heading for his oh-so-touchable chest! I could cheerfully have choked RH at that moment as he spoiled everything!! Grrrr!!

      Peter J did say that with this new 48 fps digital 3D it wouldn’t seem like things are coming “out” at you but that you go “into” the scenes. With a scene such as the one above I’m all for that!! Can you imagine????

      • Blobbin’s peeping Tom behavior drove me nuts. 😦 It was so easy to turn him into a pervy little voyeur in Dangerous to Know. *evil little chuckle* I think Marian was quite discombobulated by Sir Guy’s burnished beauty in the firelight. And those raspberries . . . yummmm. No wonder that scene led to many fanfics with a very different ending. 😀

        • DTK … a favorite! 🙂 (But not for the pervy bit … the ummm, unpervy bits. You know, when she “polishes” his sword. 😉 )

          The ending in my head is pretty darn … censored. 😀

          • I really did terrible things to Robin . . . muhahahahahahahahaha!!! And frankly I enjoyed it every step of the way. 😉 Yes, dear Marian got extremely accomplished at sword polishing for Guy. In her bed chamber, in the tub, in the forest, against the castle wall . . . I ‘d say she became an expert, wouldn’t you?

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