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Guyday Friday: Naughty Guy GIF


Good grief, but my naughty knee is killing me tonight! It’s been a bear for two days now. Grrrrrrr. Speaking of naughty in a much more pleasurable context, it’s time to kick off Guyday Friday.

Now, Guy has an amazing way of doing things that look really . . . naughty. Heck, he can just slink by like a big black-leather clad cat and set off the naughty alarms.  Doesn’t even have to smirk. Sex on legs, our Sir Guy.

And then here he goes, dipping the head back to expose that gorgeous swan-like neck,  briefly closing his kohl-rimmed bedroom eyes, parting those luscious lips, blowing out a breath and . . . well.  There you go . . . with tongue!  Enjoy . . .

Last stop for Thornton Thursday: A Great Catch


In case you haven’t noticed, this Thornton guy is really quite attractive. Rock the ‘burns, rocks the cravats, smoulders beautifully and gives swoonworthy kisses.  He’s also a hard worker who is good to his mama and his silly goose of a little sister. A man trying to better himself through education. A man who loves with all his heart.  Ladies, he’s a catch!

Just in case you haven’t heard . . .


the word is from the set of the tornado movie RA is currently filming– he is now clean-shaven. That’s right, for now at least, the beard is gone.

I am guessing Judiang is celebrating with great joy and Hedgeypig is dancing on the tables in utter rapture.

So, I am guessing Richard Armitage currently looks something like this:

Now I like bearded Armitage, but I do think it will be nice if moviegoers can see him on the big screen in all his clean-shaven glory, too. In case you need further reminders of what was under the beard . . .

One thing leads to another: a penetrating discussion


Funny how you start off in one place and you end up in another sometimes, isn’t it?

We got into a discussion concerning whether or not Mr. A had “piercing” blue eyes in the Chameleon Eyes post.

Are his blue eyes only “piercing” when he’s playing Lucas on Spooks or Monet in The Impressionists and their blueness is more pronounced?  Would Mr. Thornton’s, Porter’s or Harry’s eyes not be considered “piercing” in comparison?

I decided I should look up just what “piercing” is defined as being, in relation to eyes.

Piercing (adj): (in relation to eyes or a look) intense and penetrating; perceptive.

Hmmm. This is interesting. No mention of color or the deepness or brightness of said color.

So I went a little further.

Synonyms for piercing: sharp, keen, searching, acute, discerning

A piercing gaze is one that seems to look right into you.

Hmmmm. Remind you of anyone?


Some of the words above that really capture my attention in relation to Mr. Armitage/his eyes are searching, discerning, perceptive.

Do any of us doubt this is a man of discernment and perception?  Surely, part of our fascination with those eyes is the mind, the spirit, the soul we seem to glimpse when we look into them.

Richard giving this crew member of TH a keen look with those piercing eyes.

A searching glance is defined as one that is unusually observant or penetrating.

A discerning person is one who is unobtrusively observant and sympathetic. He is sensitive and able to make and detect effects of great subtlety.

The discerning person is also tactful.

A tactful person has or shows a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.

Richard being unobstrusively observant during the Maori ceremony on The Hobbit set.

An unobtrusively observant, sensitive, perceptive, tactful individual who understands subtlety. Could that be our Mr. A? I like to think so. 

And oh yeah, I like those piercing eyes of his, too. No matter what color they are.

photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Net