Guyday Friday: Naughty Guy GIF


Good grief, but my naughty knee is killing me tonight! It’s been a bear for two days now. Grrrrrrr. Speaking of naughty in a much more pleasurable context, it’s time to kick off Guyday Friday.

Now, Guy has an amazing way of doing things that look really . . . naughty. Heck, he can just slink by like a big black-leather clad cat and set off the naughty alarms.  Doesn’t even have to smirk. Sex on legs, our Sir Guy.

And then here he goes, dipping the head back to expose that gorgeous swan-like neck,  briefly closing his kohl-rimmed bedroom eyes, parting those luscious lips, blowing out a breath and . . . well.  There you go . . . with tongue!  Enjoy . . .

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  1. Oh yes we enjoy ! I love the funny warning in the first pic and hope Junior has a strong heart !
    Happy Guyday Friday dear Angie and take care of you.
    (PS : Guy I loooove you)

  2. Naughty, naughty, Angie!
    Enjoy … indeed! 😉
    *gasping alternately twixt lust and laughter*
    *looks around … hey, who moved the oxygen tank*

    What a way to start my day! Thank you, dear.

    Happy Guyday, everyone! 😀

    • 😀 I have to ask myself, does he have any idea what it does to a red-blooded female (and some males 😉 ) when he does things like that? Sure, it is a perfectly innocent scene, but you sure could interpret it otherwise by what you see onscreen . . . *drool* *thud*

      • I’m thinking he’d have the same effect on females (and some males 😉 ) of any blood color! 😉 There’s a little Martian gal running around after Curiosity right now, trying to hitch a ride back to earth to meet Mr. A.!

        I don’t know who ever told our Richard that he isn’t a handsome bloke, as he’s mentioned in many an interview. I am torn — do I thank them, because … well … you all know … he’s so self-effacing and unpretentious and, ok, clueless sometimes. Or do I thwack them, because, obviously, they lack the Good Taste Gene.

        • I’m so glad he doesn’t have that “look at me I’m so beautiful” vibe about him… I saw some pics of Henry Cavill at Comic Con and I had a feeling (I’m very probably wrong!it was just an impression I had from looking at the photos) that he’s a guy who’s very aware of his own gorgeousness. Almost too aware. I don’t know what made me think that, the smile, the body language, no idea.But I never get that feeling with Richard. 🙂

          • Nor me! He doesn’t come across like that at all which to my mind is a “very good thing” 🙂 And BTW that scene above reveals so much more than relief that Marian believed him to my way of thinking! 😉

          • I haven’t seen the photos of Henry you mentioned so I can’t comment, but I can say that part of the great attraction of Richard for me is that sweet, down-to-earth, “I’m just an ordinary bloke so what’s all the fuss?” vibe he gives. And, as I have theorized before, in addition to an inherent modesty, I suspect being the beanpole with the big hooter in his youth may have colored his self-image a bit, too. He doesn’t perhaps quite see what a gorgeous swan he’s become!!

        • Some people find bland cookie cutter “boyish” handsomeness their ideal. Richard doesn’t fit that mold at all. Bland cookie cutter “boyish” good looks often don’t age that well. Whereas Richard just gets more attractive with each passing year, IMHO. And people who can’t see that, well–I feel a bit sorry for them. They clearly do lack the Good Taste Gene.

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