Last stop for Thornton Thursday: A Great Catch


In case you haven’t noticed, this Thornton guy is really quite attractive. Rock the ‘burns, rocks the cravats, smoulders beautifully and gives swoonworthy kisses.  He’s also a hard worker who is good to his mama and his silly goose of a little sister. A man trying to better himself through education. A man who loves with all his heart.  Ladies, he’s a catch!

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    • I just snaffled it, I will have to do a bit of playing with that, I do believe. Watching Jack and Sarah right now on DVD. Should be sleeping as I only had 3 1/2 hours but the stupid knee is not helping. It’s hell getting old and falling apart. ; )

      • Oh dear, I hope you manage to get some rest. 🙂
        I’ve snaffled that picture too, to gaze at and to play with. I’m finding photo editing is becoming just as addictive as fanvidding, but finding enough time to do either properly is a problem.

        • Thanks. 😀 We have Ernesto out in the Gulf and these tropical disturbances always have an effect, since we are only a couple of hours from the coast. Flares up the osteoathritis and the FMS, so it’s a double whammy. Re photo editing, yep, that’s been my experience, too, very addictive, and even with the fact I am not working, there still isn’t enough time to do everything I want to do re RA related stuff–just the blog takes up a fair amount of time– and work on the novel and my household stuff–although I would certainly not win any Good Housekeeping Awards of late. 😉 I have about a half hour left on the movie, so I will try to get some sleep once it is over.

            • thank you, the knee is much better. I slept several hours today which was a tremendous help, I believe. Yes, I like Jack and Sarah. I’ve always liked Richard E. Grant, and you’ve got Dame Judi, Dame Eileen and Sir Ian, so it’s quite a cast. I’d seen it a few times before and recently found a cheap copy of the DVD. The only thing is, it’s probably not a good film to watch when you’ve recently lost someone, even if it’s just your cat. It made me cry a bit again. *sigh*

              • Oh dear, yes, I didn’t think of that aspect… But crying can be therapeutic! And Puddie was a family member, wasn’t she, she wasn’t “just a cat”… Sending you lots of hugs!!!

              • That’s true, she was our baby cat and I can’t help but be sad at her loss. And yes, crying can indeed be therapeutic, as can looking at Mr. A. 😀

              • Crying is therapeutic. As a friend of mine said about grief, “The only way out is through.” And yes, Puddie’s family; how could anyone say “just a cat” about HRH Puddie?

  1. I love the sideburns and RA completely clean shaven without stubble. RA looks sexy with a little stubble but generally speaking I am not a fan of 5 o’clock shadows. The sideburns though I love, love, love. I did get used to him with the beard and i love it when it is no longer than it is on the background photo of this blog. I am very happy that the beard is gone though.

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