One thing leads to another: a penetrating discussion


Funny how you start off in one place and you end up in another sometimes, isn’t it?

We got into a discussion concerning whether or not Mr. A had “piercing” blue eyes in the Chameleon Eyes post.

Are his blue eyes only “piercing” when he’s playing Lucas on Spooks or Monet in The Impressionists and their blueness is more pronounced?  Would Mr. Thornton’s, Porter’s or Harry’s eyes not be considered “piercing” in comparison?

I decided I should look up just what “piercing” is defined as being, in relation to eyes.

Piercing (adj): (in relation to eyes or a look) intense and penetrating; perceptive.

Hmmm. This is interesting. No mention of color or the deepness or brightness of said color.

So I went a little further.

Synonyms for piercing: sharp, keen, searching, acute, discerning

A piercing gaze is one that seems to look right into you.

Hmmmm. Remind you of anyone?


Some of the words above that really capture my attention in relation to Mr. Armitage/his eyes are searching, discerning, perceptive.

Do any of us doubt this is a man of discernment and perception?  Surely, part of our fascination with those eyes is the mind, the spirit, the soul we seem to glimpse when we look into them.

Richard giving this crew member of TH a keen look with those piercing eyes.

A searching glance is defined as one that is unusually observant or penetrating.

A discerning person is one who is unobtrusively observant and sympathetic. He is sensitive and able to make and detect effects of great subtlety.

The discerning person is also tactful.

A tactful person has or shows a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.

Richard being unobstrusively observant during the Maori ceremony on The Hobbit set.

An unobtrusively observant, sensitive, perceptive, tactful individual who understands subtlety. Could that be our Mr. A? I like to think so. 

And oh yeah, I like those piercing eyes of his, too. No matter what color they are.

photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Net

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  1. He’s got piercing eyes alright. 🙂 I was scrolling down the pictures and when I got to Cbeebies Richard…my heart stopped. That pic should come with a health warning. Looking that hot and cute at the same time should be illegal!!! And the SMILE!!!

    • It certainly should come with a health warning. I am more than positive there are Moms out there who played these Cbeebies stories for their own enjoyment as much if not more than for their children!! 😀 I love the dinosaur cafe one when he says to the little dinosaur, No,no no!! You can’t have my icecream! SOOO adorable! 🙂

      • I love when he’s looking for his jumper after telling The Lost Acorns. “Where *is* my jumper?” I just want to raise my hand and say, “Here I am!” 😉

  2. Er, sorry but the dictionary is not going to change my mind. I love RA but his eyes do not appear piercing to me in most cases. Gorgeous yes in every case. This is not an area that is right or wrong. Just as there are women who are not turned on by RA (go figure) different people will see his eyes in different ways. The dictionary cannot regulate that and make me see his eyes at Comic-Con or anyplace else as piercing. When I look at RA’s eyes I see his soul that is looking out from behind them. That is my story and I am sticking to it. 🙂

    • This wasn’t so much about piercing eyes and what you or I or anyone else do or do not think they constitute. That’s not terribly important in the greater scheme of things, n’est-ce pas? It was more about how looking up one definition took me to other words, and how many of those words do describe (at least, I believe it to be so) qualities found within Mr. A.

      You start out going in one direction (simply looking up a definition in the dictionary for clarification) and end up somewhere else. That’s fun to me. I like words and understanding their meanings and connections to one another. That’s just me, former teacher, reporter and bookworm. And that, dear readers, is my story. 😉

    • As usual, Angie, you’ve really stirred up the pot, and given me some hearty laughs in the bargain. Yes, by any definition, in many pictures RA has piercing eyes that seem to see right through you. Blue is beautiful, but color is less important than expressiveness. His physical beauty and amazing command of body language always astonish me, but he is, after all, an exceptionally good actor. The tantilizing question for me is, Who is this man whose heart and soul and spirit we are so drawn to, yet only glimpse behind those acting eyes?

      My favorite pictures of RA are those in which he is not acting or posing, just candid shots, or better yet, videos of interviews. Here we get to see the body language of the real person who attracts his Army so powerfully. Someone who went to a red carpet event has posted that nothing can prepare you for how beautiful RA is in person. I suspect it is the same for his personal qualities that you have so lauded in your many videos: modesty, intelligenge, sensitivity, tactfulness, sense of humor, complexity, devotion to his art– which is not showing off, but rather a particular way of exploring the human condition.

      See where his “piercing eyes” led me? Thanks for providing this forum, and your illigally handsome, always thought provoking pictures. ( grin!)

  3. I was travelling to work very early this morning and felt kind of gloomy and down…THankfully I have the Cbeebies stories downloaded onto my mobile phone. I listened to the “Lost Acorns” and my spirits were immediately lifted. He is a miracle worker, this guy.

  4. I love how you went looking for one word and ended up looking at so many that describe RA’s eyes. He really does have the most amazing eyes, even when you can’t make out the color. They are just so expressive.

    • Yeah, that’s what I really enjoyed about the exercise. I love stuff like that. 😉 As I have mentioned before, Richard’s eyes are so beautiful in the B&W and sepia portraits, too, because it’s not just the color that’s striking, it’s the beauty of the structure of the eye itself, the lashes, the way the brows frame them–and then all that we see shining from those eyes. The intelligent, the insight, the perceptiveness, the intensity, the sensitivity.

      His eyes can express so much without him saying one word. Although it would have been a horrid waste of that beautiful voice, I think he could have been a very fine silent film actor (although he would have had to play things in a more broad way, I suppose). His mastery of facial expressions and body language is so amazing. And of course, someone as agile and athletic as RA could swash his buckle with the best of them. Douglas Fairbanks, look out! 😀

      • Beautifully expressed, Angie! Perfect. I am in awe of your writing, really.

        And then you write “swash his buckle” … and I splorted my tea across the desk! LOL LOL LOL! (Are you and agzym in cahoots? 😉 )

  5. I like your definition for “discerning”. That really fits him. Of course I like “penetrating” too– but for a whole ‘nother reason… 😉

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