Thornton for Thursday: Isn’t He Lovely?


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    • “*Thud* blanket”!! LOL! I think quite a number of us need one of those – particularly when John Thornton is around! *swoon*

    • That’s a big part of that scene’s appeal for me. How Richard As Thornton is so obviously a man in love with this woman; the tenderness and adoration and sense of wonder in his eyes, in his body language. Before he ever touches her lips, it is swooningly, achingly romantic.

    • Talk about chemistry!! He totally convinced me that he was deeply in love with her. How does he do that and how did she manage to handle all that adoration? I think the above named blanket would have been a necessity for most of us! *melts*

    • Thanks. He’s certainly a keeper, so glad Margaret finally came to her senses in that regard. Couldn’t have born for poor Mr. T to have suffered unrequited love for long.

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