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EW’s latest article on The Hobbit: Fans & Facts


In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, the fall movie preview offers a page devoted to The Hobbit.  I don’t have a scanner here right now so I can’t scan it in, but I can hit the high points for you. While there are no quotes from Richard (yes, the first thing I looked for, I confess) it’s an interesting read and focuses on the fact everything (outside of Bilbo and the dwarves, of course) connected with these films is HUGE.

The shooting schedule, the technology and the expectations of the movie fans anticipating seeing them (and, of course, the budget) are all on a scale “that’s hard to comprehend.”

Martin is quoted as saying that some days filming TH felt less like a film set and more like NASA.  Jackson admitted to feeling a bit daunted at times even before the two films were set to become a trilogy.

“We know we’re making a series of films that people really want to see,” said Sir Ian in the article. “But it’s a big responsibility because you don’t want to let them down.”

Philippa Boyens, however, doesn’t seem worried, saying, “There is no one way to tell these stories—there are multiple ways. People have said, ‘Aren’t you worried about what the fans are going to think?’ And I go, ‘Well, we ARE fans!”

And that fact is one that I personally find reassuring—that Philippa, Fran and Sir Peter are all huge Tolkien fans who are going to do their best to give us three excellent films.

Here are some fun factoids on The Hobbit by the numbers:

450 miles of yak hair used for wigs and beards on the first two films alone (I suspect there are some chilly yaks roaming around the Himilayas)

100 lbs. is the weight of the coat worn by Graham MacTavish as Dwalin (wonder how much Thorin’s coat weighs!)

44 individual hobbit holes created in Hobbiton

More than 2,000 prosthetic pieces—ears, noses, foreheads, hands, etc.—created for the 13 dwarves

6 sets of prosthetic hands created for each dwarf

7’1” is the height of Sir Ian’s scale double for Gandalf, Paul “Tall Paul” Randall (Wow, RA would look short compared to him. Which I guess is the point.;) )

Guyday Friday: Topless Guy GIF


Well, it’s not Guy on the big screen *sigh* but here’s a little something in homage to the beautiful henchman wearin’ nothin’ but his braes and some armour. Oh, those biceps. Chesticles. Abs. *thud*  I fear I would have been offering Sir Guy a LOT more than just friendship. Possibly–friends with benefits? Oh, naughty fedoralady.



Guyday Friday: A Fetching Gizzy GIF


Oh, Gizzy, you can get away with saying and doing things I would never allow anyone else say or do.  Barking those commands. “Beg!” “Talk . . .” “Flog her!” (In Kate’s case, I wouldn’t have minded if that had happened. The girl irritated the hell out of me . . . 😉 )

And of course, the moment in the medieval casino when, in of those “so bad yet so good” moments, you tossed that coin and told Marian in a most insolent manner to Fetch.”  






Guyday Friday: GIF Glove Love


Sir Guy slowly swaggering down the steps, all six feet two (and a half!) inches of black leather-clad alpha male. He’s  anticipating his droit de seigneur, sniffing and smirking, pausing to crook his gloved finger at the young bride-to-be.

Studying the necklace.  The slightly raised eyebrow and trace of a smile. “Hmmm. That’ll do nicely. Turn around . . .”

And then the flash of white teeth as he tugs the leather free from his hand so he can claim the piece of jewelry.  Love his hair, the curls at the nape. begging to be teased with one’s fingers.  Love his stubbled jaw. His eyes (yes, I’d call them piercing here–maybe scorching) and how, when downcast, we can see the beauty of those blackened lashes brushing against his alabaster skin.  One beautiful and drop-dead sexy henchman, ladies and gentlemen.