Great Moments in Hair Acting


Just when Richard was hoping to rid himself of the “medieval mullet,” what did TPTB do? They gave Sir Guy even more hair courtesy of extensions. But we all know Our Richard is not one to back down from a challenge. And so his brand new mane was incorporated into the story arc for the troubled Sir Guy in S3.  

From the wild-eyed, boozy, half-mad, near-suicidal mess of early S3, to the sleek and newly confident Sir (Glamour) Guy post his visit to PJ’s Red Door Salon and Spa, Richard worked that hair, baby. Whether as a tangled, greasy curtain to hide Guy’s shame and self-loathing, or a lustrous mane to be tossed back in a fit of anger or flicked back with great disdain like some proud, defiant stallion, I cannot imagine S3 Guy without that mane. And all that excellent hair acting by Richard.

                                                                                                             “Dangerous Talk!!”


Thwarted by Isabella

“Hi there!” *grumble grumble grumble*

And here’s a reprise of the poem I wrote a while back celebrating Sir Guy’s hair and more pretty piccies of Guy and his gorgeous mane.

Sir Guy: The Rightful Hair


A lighthearted little homage to Sir Guy’s tresses . . .


Sir Guy, dear Guy, I love your hair;

Sometimes it seems to be unfair

For the villain of the piece to be so blessed

While the hero is rather—scantily–tressed.


Oh, some may jest at your mullet medieval

with its cluster of lush raven curls;

Or at your floppy Guy locks

their derisive, dismissive howls, hurl . . .


But surely none can deny the power of the Angsty Guy Mane

Those long, unkempt jetty locks, so wild and untamed,

Never have lank and greasy been quite so—fetching,

And the glory of Glamour Guy—aah, makes our hearts sing!


Oh, yes, you work it, that amazing mane,

First as a curtain to hide your deep shame,

Then as an arrogant, proud dark stallion stamping its feet;

Is it any wonder watching you, I always feel such—heat?


And meanwhile, your nemesis, what of he?

His receding hairline, we now clearly see.

Sweaty combat reveals his balding pate,

Makes us understand why you he hates.


For you have the hair, the teeth, the physique;

“But I am the HERO!” he cries in a fit of pique–

And clutched his locks in full-blown despair,

Oops—watch out! More comb-over needed there.

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    • 😀 Glad you liked. It seemed an appropriate post for which to take out ye olde poem and dust it off. I just kept thinking of how Robin’s fringe was not really hiding how his hairline was rapidly receding. When he got all hot and sweaty battling Guy in that first ep of S3, it was all too evident, poor thing. 😉

  1. I thought he did a fantastic job of “hair acting”. He certainly knew how to make good use of it, even managing to toss is around when it was lank and grungy. Then when he returned from PJ’s court and “Glamour Guy” was revealed he somehow seemed extra gorgeous. As is so often the case, there are not many actors out there that could have taken what seemed to be a rather feminine look and turn it into something incredibly and completely alpha male!! Masculine beauty personified!

    • I think the contrast of the softness and luster of his glamour hair with his strong masculine features–the jawline, the aquiline nose– just emphasized his beauty all the more. Now, when Leo DiCaprio was in the Man in the Iron Mask and he was wearing the long hair it just made him more of a pretty boy. Whereas with Richard, you get a beautiful MAN. And I still found him terribly sexy even with the dirty tresses. Brought out my inner cavewoman. 😉

    • Yes, he said himself they were extensions. His natural hair could never have grown that fast! 😉 Remember he was also in Spooks, shooting two different series back to back, and had to be written out of two RH eps in order to go back and shoot additional scenes. So he had the extensions removed to play Lucas and then put back in to finish shooting RH. What that poor man has to go through for his art. 😉 I would say they were extremely well done extensions; they looked very natural, I thought.

      • OMG I had no idea that Richard was shooting RH and Spooks at the same time. That man is a workaholic. No wonder he is single.

        Yes, the extensions looked very natural. They sure fooled me….LOL

        • Yeah, he was cast in Spooks after the second series of RH. So he had to leave Budapest to come back to London to do promotion before Spooks 7 debuted, and that’s why he was wearing his hair slicked back and the ponytail put up for those interviews. He had to turn right around and fly back to Budapest to resume shooting RH S3. The man is definitely a workaholic.

          After I saw his extensions, I thought of Britney Spears shaving her head and then getting extensions put in. She should have had whoever did RA’s to do hers–they would have looked so much better LOL

    • LOL Remember I just get unemployment. 😉 I hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful. I’ve been taking my time with it, mulling it over as I read, so I am close to 70 percent through it now. I was going to do some more reading today, but my tummy troubles have persisted and I just can’t concentrate properly on reading when this stuff is flared up. 😦

  2. I thought he looked pretty gorgeous with it tied back even though he described himself as looking like a vagrant! Sorry Richard! That word doesn’t apply in your case!!

    I often think how he fit he had to be for such a physical role in RH and at the same time lose all that weight to become the “malnourished” Lucas for the beginning of Spooks 7. It must have required a great deal of self-discipline on his part but we have seen so many times the lengths he is prepared to go to to perfect a role. Take his fear of drowning, for example, and how he’s had to conquer that on so many occasions, even going so far as volunteering to be water-boarded!! No-one can ever say this man doesn’t take his craft seriously!

    • As a rule I don’t like long hair/pony tails on men, but I broke it for Richard and Guy big time! Loved Guy’s look in S3, and in that interview Richard with his hair tied up floors me, he looked so gorgeous. Maybe it was that having it all pulled back emphasised his features and his profile.

      • I’m not either, but then again I didn’t care for tattoos–then Lucas stripped off his tatty jumper and somehow this altered my view. LOL That’s a good point about the pulled back hair emphasizing his spectacular bone structure. It’s like a beautiful woman whose features are more pronounced with her hair worn in a similar fashion. He certainly looked great. I go back to look at those stills quite often. *sigh*

      • I’m with you on that Mezz! I’ve saved more than a few screen-caps from that interview as I too was floored by how beautiful he looked. I think you have a point about the tied back hair revealing his features. Those pictures still make me gasp when they show up on my PC screen! 😀 I can stare at them for ages!!

  3. I understand Richard’s “vagrant” comment. There were times when Guy did look like a vagrant and even like he had not bathed in a while. It is one reason that Guy of Gisborne does not thrill me as he does so many other women. I have a huge collection of Richard Armitage photos and within that collection there are very few Guy of Gisborne photos. I am glad that Richard seems to prefer a more conservative haircut.

    • I have seen that interview several times, and my take on it was that Richard wasn’t referring so much to Guy as the character looking like a vagrant–it was more of a reference to Richard not knowing what to do with his long hair when he went out for dinner, etc. So he put up his hair in that manner and it made him feel a bit like a vagrant. I also suspect TPTB at RH didn’t want him to be seen with the long RH hair at the time he did the Spooks promotion. You know, waiting to unveil it. 😉 Teuchter, I thought he was stunning in that interview. His skin glowed with health, his eyes sparkled and those smiles . . . and he was so engaging in the interview (not unusual, of course). ALL vagrants should be so attractive!

      Of course, Richard had long hair when he was much younger and still in musical theater but I don’t think that’s a look he cares to sport now. He’s said he’s a “put a little product in and go” kind of guy. And Mr. Modesty might also feel that long hair would draw too much attention. Just a possibility.

      It must be taken into account that Guy looked so dirty and grubby early in S3 due to the fact he’d killed the woman he loved, was half-mad over remorse and grief, had a death wish, and frankly didn’t care WHAT he looked or smelled like. Guy S1 and 2 was clearly very proud and rather vain about his appearance, looking very clean, changing clothes during the day as needed, with every hair in place (other than in the midst of battles and fights, of course).

      And for me Guy, dirty, clean or in between, has a raw animal sexuality that can’t be beat by any other RA character with the possible exception of John Porter. He’s got plenty of admirers so if some RA fans don’t care for him, he still won’t be lonely, I assure you. 😉 Besides, I think of all the possibilities of bath time fun to help him get cleaned up and smelling nice again. 😉

      • It is quite obvious that Guy of Gisborne has plenty of admirers. GOG is a type of guy that many women universally love and are attracted to but makes Xenia gag. Oh well, I always have to be different don’t I? (So what else is new?)

        For my personal tastes I think that Lucas, John Thornton and Harry Kennedy are way sexier than Guy. To me Lucas especially is sexy as all heck!!!!

        • It’s called fantasy vs. reality, Xenia. Do you think I would be likely to run after someone as volatile as Guy in RL when I married someone much more like HK and completely adore him? Don’t assume that Guy fans are also women who wish to be mistreated or manhandled in some way. We take umbrage at that. 😉 Besides, Guy, as played by Richard, had a lot of goodness beneath all the surface smolder and swagger. There was a vulnerability and yes, tenderness and kindness. A complicated character. And remember, he was my first and favorite so be careful what you say about him. 😉 I might have to send him to NY with his big sword . . .

      • Thanks Angie for clarifying what I was trying to say re the “vagrant” comment. I never thought for one moment he was referring to Guy in such terms but to himself having to keep those long locks under control and somewhat hidden as he travelled back to Budapest later that day. I have watched the “This Morning” interview SO many times as I love to watch not only him but the reaction of the woman who interviews him. You can tell she is rather smitten by the “lovely Richard Armitage” as she refers to him, and who could blame her? 😉 As you said yourself he was stunning in that interview!

        • No problem. There seemed to be some confusion there on Xenia’s part so I thought I should clarify. I have actually done fanart using screencaps from that interview referring to Richard as the world’s best-looking vagrant. :S I love using those screencaps-because I do think he looks so handsome and seems to be enjoying the interview. I really do love that bit of flirtatiousness that pops up when he is interviewed by a woman. And I think everyone of them who has interviewed him has been “rather smitten.” How, indeed, could they not be? 😀

          • I adored the bit when they were talking about the VoD and she said she wanted them to do another episode when they were Mr and Mrs and to see all their beautiful children running around! He was certainly rather flirty when he asked, “How many would they have?” or words to that effect!! I too love how he interacts with the women he is interviewed by. There is just that certain look in his eyes!! 😉

              • Absolutely! Even in flirtatious mood I feel there is still that little hint of shyness which is so endearing! I find it a more playful kind of flirtyness than anything. I rewatched that interview last night and I noticed I had it the wrong way around. It was Richard who made the remark about “all the little children running around” and then he asked, “How many kids would they have?” while looking at the interviewer with that look in his eyes that would melt an iceberg. 😉 *swoon* When she replies, “Lots of lovely beautiful ones I’m sure”, I’m convinced she too is one of the girls who had “gone a bit gooey” that morning!! 🙂

    • Me, too, baby, me, too. I would actually have also loved to see more of him with the heavy stubble and the hair–as in the forest scenes with Robin for the flashback ep. He was just bee-you-ti-ful in S3. *thud*

  4. I also love Guy’s S3 hair so very much. The very first scenes in ep.1 are totally breathtaking. He is like a wild animal suffering a lot. Very impressive acting from the very beginning! A very nice way to start S3 😉

    OMG he is SO beautiful in the scenes when he meets the sheriff for the first time when he has returned after being away!!

    • Oh, it was a tour de force performance from the word “go.” I have said Richard’s performance in S3 was on the scale of an operatic tragedy. Yes, early S3 Guy resembled a feral animal, trapped, wounded and fighting for his life. And there’s a reason I call him “Glamour Guy” when he returns to Nottie. *swoooooooon*

  5. It will be interesting to see how much hair acting Thorin gives us! He’s another one for whom I’ve broken my “long hair on a man” rule. 😉

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