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You can leave your hat on . . .


I love this jaunty little cap. And his expressions here.

I love hats. There’s a reason I am called fedoralady, you know. The above GIF features photos of Richard in that little charcoal cap, the only time I can recall seeing him in headgear outside of a role. Do you have a favorite ChaRActer in a Hat look? (or cap, beret, headscarf . . .)  Here are a few examples–

Sand & sweat cannot obscure his beauty


When I was in high school, my art teacher, Priscilla, had a reproduction of an ancient Greek sculpture of a man’s head that we drew in class. It was to help prepare us to draw portraits. We drew that head from every angle: the front, the back, the profile, and the last, the trickiest, was the three-quarter view. Those of you who have studied art will know what I mean.   Because she stored the head in a coffeemaker box, we called it “Mr. Coffee.”

Looking at these screencaps from the SBviral vid, I am somehow reminded of Mr. Coffee. The sculpted planes of that face, the strong nose and jawline. Classical beauty with, in Mr. A’s case, a delightful asymmetry.  And the sand and sweat and dirt can’t diminish it. In a way, they simply emphasize it all the more.

Oh, I do love your three-quarter view, Mr. Armitage.  Even better than Mr. Coffee’s.

One intense minute


A post by gisbornesboy trying to locate the source of a particular GIF led me to this entry. Even if you’ve never seen Strike Back, don’t intend to watch Strike Back or simply haven’t visited this particular video in a while, you owe it to yourself to take only one minute and watch this, trust me.
It’s the SB Viral test video made by seanographic.co.uk.
Sean shot the video footage while a promotional photo shoot for SB was talking place. I swear, I can almost feel that gritty sand on my own skin. The earth tones, the sound effects, the editing and Richard’s brilliant acting all add up to one INTENSE minute. The video impacted me so strongly, I ended up writing a ficlet based on the video called Captive not to mention the fanart and GIFs based on it.

This fanart is based on one of the photos taken during the shoot that coincided with the viral vid shoot. A very powerful image.

RA sighting? . . . what do you think?


In case you missed it, this tweet showed up today and Frenz posted it at her blog. This gentleman is working on RA’s as yet unnamed tornado movie project. Does anyone on that lower monitor look familiar to you? (And will anyone else be glad when they come up with a name for the film?) Discuss (ooh, I feel like a teacher again).