It’s just a week away . . .


Armitage Day, that is. Richard Armitage’s 41st birthday, to be exact. All sorts of lovely little surprises seem to be afoot in anticipation of his special day. The celebration is already underway at Agzy’s site with a great collaboration between Agzy and Sebastian, aka Gisbornesboy.




The chaRActers are anticipating their Creator’s big day, too–




More to come.

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    • I have done so. Although sometimes it doesn’t “take” the first time I try to leave a comment. Right now Judit can’t even access this blog and I don’t know why. ??

      • Ah ha. WordPress does get a little “touchy” sometimes. I haven’t been able to leave a comment on Pinup Girl’s blog the last 4 or 5 times I’ve tried. I’ll try again later.

        Love the pics – especially the one of luscious Lucas. It’s almost like he has some grey in his hair and it’s rather fetching, isn’t it?

        • As I told Judit when she emailed me, I have had posts completed and ready to publish–and half the artwork has disappeared into the blue. So I have to go back and insert it again. It’s aggravating. Richard is going to be a very distinguished-looking older man if he allows some of the grey he is likely to get to show. We are already seeing flecks of it in his beard. I really like the grey in Benny’s hair.

    • I thought of him and his choccie-covered doughnuts. And how nice it would be to join in on a celebration of his Creator’s birthday complete with a big slice of moist cake with lots of sweet buttercream icing . . . and a glass of milk so he could have a milk mustache like Guy’s.

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