Necking with Sgt. Porter


I find myself thinking of Richard’s throat. Long, slender, elegant, with that rather irresistible Adam’s-apple (for me, anyway) and that tempting hollow at its base.  I just don’t care for the looks of a short, thick, squatty neck on a man ( apologies to all short-necked gentlemen, I realize it is not your fault, just the roll of genetic dice).  

And with his various outfits for the role, we get some wonderful glimpses of Richard’s splendid, swan-like throat in his role as Sgt. John Porter. That fantasy/dream sequence with Danni? *thud*

Of course, there is a great deal more in terms of both physicality and character to appreciate about Portah–but our space and time are limited,dear readers.

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  1. I have to hand it to you Angie. I don’t know how you come up with these things. I love Richard Armitage but I could not have a blog that is ONLY about him. I could not come up with stuff to post that is just about one man no matter how much he turns me on. You and everyone else with an RA blog must be gifted.

    • Of course, if you look through all my admittedly numerous posts, they aren’t all about Richard. There are also film and book reviews with no connection to RA, posts on artists and some other OT posts on pets and other interests. Still, I find Richard and his chaRActers very inspiring on many levels, there’s no denying it.

      • Yes, I have noticed that you blog about other things which I REALLY appreciate, but the posts are mostly about Richard. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about Richard every day and many of your posts are fun and funny. I am only saying that I couldn’t come up with post ideas about him like you and other RA bloggers do so often. That takes talent I think.

        • I think, in my own case, I used to have to come up with ideas for columns and editorials (not wanting to be too repetitive over that span of 10 years) so I grew accustomed to brainstorming. 😉 And since Richard creates a storm in my brain LOL well, there you go! 😀

          I have several films I want to write about and I am currently watching an excellent British series, an 18th century period drama recommended to me by a reader, Garrow’s Law. I have watched the first two series (four eps each) and am tempted to start on the third, but I am running low on sleep and really, really need to get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. I have a luncheon date with a friend tomorrow and I would prefer not to yawn in her face. LOL

  2. Little wonder I’ve had problems with palpitations! This post sure didn’t help with all this “necking” going on! 😉 Those ones with Danni are really quite sensational!

        • Wouldn’t have blamed either one of them if some amorous thoughts were going through their minds. I know actually filming love scenes can be pretty awkward, but boy, those two sure made it very believable! It was HOT. And then poor Porter had to wake up in prison. *sigh*

  3. I love the first photo the best because it gives a clear view of Richard’s neck and the patch outline of where hair grows on his face and neck. I find that very sexy.

  4. Mmmm. Lose the hats but the scarf can most definitely stay. Often wondered when the neck would make its appearance on your blog: not generally the sort of thing one thinks about in relation to a man but his is quite the most beautiful I have seen.
    Enjoy your lunch date, Angie.

  5. Your post title in my inbox sent my imagination veering off in one quite obvious direction…as you knew it would!! “wags finger” 🙂
    There was certainly chemistry between Porter and Danni, even if the original premise for her coming on to him was a little thin to say the least. As for his neck…*sigh*…beautiful.

  6. That is the most beautiful and sexy neck in the history of mankind. Have I said that before? I might have done! Yummmmmmmy pictures! Especially love the one with the scarf. I don’t know what went through his head while making out with Dannii (can’t remember the actress’ name, sorry), but the end result was pretty darned hot. And as I said before I would have LOVED to see the outtakes of that scene… *sigh*

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