Surprises, a super series and smiling dwarfs


It’s just shy of midnight here and I really should be asleep. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in several days. But here I am, still awake, my mind buzzing even as my eyelids grow heavy. I have things I am excited about.

Remember my previous reference to a possible collaboration between fedoralady and gisbornesboy? Well, we’ve both gotten some other things out of the way and we are discussing our project again.  I think we are both pretty chuffed about the prospect.  And don’t forget about the week of one-of-a-kind goodies featuring Gisby’s wonderful artwork over at Agzy’s blog in anticipation of Armitage Day!

Tonight, I completed  my own birthday surprise for Armitage Day. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it once it is unveiled. As I told Seb, nothing fancy but definitely fun.  And who knows? Maybe the Sloth Fiction boys will weigh in on the occasion, too, before the big day arrives . . .

As recommended by a blog reader, I have started watching the BBC 18th century period drama Garrow’s Law. I watched the first two series last night and today (four eps of each) and was tempted to watch the third series tonight but didn’t want to stay up until 2 p.m. (I swear, I swear I am going to turn out these lights before then).


This is an excellent series–intelligent and involving scripts based in part on archives from the Old Bailey; compelling performances, attention to detail in costumes and sets. As a friend said, it’s a great mixture of fact and fiction. More on this show later. Something that tickled me was the prominence of a rather unscrupulous thief-taker–an individual paid to find and return stolen articles to their rightful owners–in two of the episodes. There’s a roguish thief-taker in my novel, too.   I have also watched several films–ranging from bittersweet comedy-dramas to one so dark and  harrowing I shall never forget it–and will discuss them later.


Andrew Buchan, Lyndsey Marshal and Alun Armstrong, stars of Garrow’s Law.
photo courtesy of


Tomorrow–well, tomorrow I have a special luncheon date. That’s all I can say for now, other than that I am really, truly looking forward to it.  So I will be away from the computer for a while tomorrow, as I also have some much-needed shopping for necessities to do.


This morning, I ran across a Comic-Con wrap on Reelz and my patience in watching it was rewarded when at the end, I caught the snippet of an interview with RA. One of the most memorable moments in the shooting schedule, he said, was the “gloriously sunny day” the dwarfs spent in those barrels. “There wasn’t a dwarf who didn’t have a smile on his face.” And that made me smile.

At least one of those smiling dwarfs was tossing fish that day.  Cheeky devil!




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  1. Sorry, Angie – should I know who Reetz is?

    I saw a part of one episode today of “Garrow’s Law”. It looks good. Must search for earlier episodes on YouTube. And also try to download BBC iPlayer

  2. Watched Garrow’s Law when it showed on tv here and loved it. btw, did you know Alun Armstrong is Allan-a-Dale’s dad in real life? Father and son were in something together recently but at this time of the morning it escapes me.

  3. Hi! Glad to see new Garrow’s Law converts! You can find a link to Youtube episodes on andrew-buchan-fansite tumblr. Plus, in reply to the last post Alun Armstrong and his son Joe appeared in The Hollow Crown – HenryIV part1 (BBC) recently as father and son Northumberland and Hal Percy!

    • Hi, and thanks for commenting and sharing that information with my readers. Alun and Joe are both very talented performers and Richard has actually been in two productions with Alun–Between the Sheets and Sparkhouse as well as Robin Hood with Joe. I am very much looking forward to watching the final four eps of GL. 😀

  4. Garrow’s law is highly recommended! Sadly they didn’t recommission it after three series. As to the dwarves in barrels, I bet, assuming that scene in still in the first movie, that next year “barreling” will be a hip adventure sport and people will travel to NZ and spend a lot of money on it.

    • I have a feeling I am going to be pooped later, as I slept very little, but I may start watching the last series of GL tonight. Or save it for the weekend. I kind of hate to think I won’t have any more to watch once it’s done. LOL to the barreling–I could see that happening, actually!! 😀 There is that old saying, “More fun than a barrel of Monkeys.” More fun than barrels full of dwarfs?!

      • It should definitely be “more fun than barrels full of dwarfs”. I can see the person(s) with the barrel concession in NZ getting ready for the crowds. But of course the dwarf in whose barrel I’d want to be would not be there.

  5. OK, putting Garrow’s Law on my to-watch list… Maybe “barreling” will be made an Olympic sport for the Rio Olympics! A bit like slalom canoeing!

    • I really think you will enjoy it. Now I am envisioning all the dwarfs in little Olympic costumes (what are the colors of Middle-Earth?) in ther barrels, ready to take off! LOL

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