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Reblogged: Hello, Richard Armitage!


In case anyone has missed this terrific report from ItsJSforMe on her family meeting Richard–what a wonderful story!! Reblogged from Do I Have a Blog?

Do I Have A Blog?

WOW!!!  Still trying to catch my breath!    It’s been a great day!!!

Yesterday was a great day too.   Hubby drove me around Oakland University to my fave vantage point for shooting pictures of the main scene of the tornado movie being filmed there.  He convinced me to go take my pictures even though there were crew members working there. Another man appeared out of nowhere and was giving the others some instructions. He smiled at us so I asked if I could take some pictures. He said go right ahead….take as many as you want. He asked which actor I was there to see, and I said Richard Armitage. He smiled again and said, “Oh, Richard! He’s our lead! Nice guy!” (I squeeeee’d silently in my head lol) I asked if it was alright to ask him a few questions and he said, “Shoot! I’ll answer whatever I can.”

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Richard Armitage: the Ne Plus Ultra of Celeb Crushes


The word for the day is NE PLUS ULTRA (noun) the ultimate or perfect example of something. From the Latin, literally, “not further beyond. “

For me, Richard Armitage is the ne plus ultra in terms of a great celebrity crush.  He’s charismatic, gracious, sweet, good-humored, modest–a true gentleman who is good to his fans.  He’s intelligent and insightful. He’s so very, very talented and versatile in that talent. And, oh yeah, he’s tall, fit, beautiful and incredibly sexy, while still maintaining that boy-next-door vibe that is so endearing.

Richard Armitage: my own lovely ne plus ultra.

What’s not to love? Link to fan’s wonderful RA meeting



If you haven’t seen this wonderful story of an RA encounter with a fan at the actors’ trailers for his new movie (and seen the pix!) here’s a link to thread at C19. A big thank you to Nadia and to Judit for sending me the photos and story after I could not get access to Armitage Army (where it is also posted).  I am not posting the photos here publicly-we don’t have an all-clear to do that yet.

The account seems to reaffirm our impression that RA is a genuinely nice guy who, contrary to what some may preach, actually enjoys meeting fans. He not only agrees to meet with the fan, he comes out in a joking mood, agrees to a photo, he offers to pose for additional photos taken by his assistant and gives the fan a big ol’ hug.

He certainly looks slim and fit as reported by RAlover, and his  face is just as lovely as ever out from under the whiskers. And if my eyes don’t deceive me, his hair appears to be close to the texture and color it was with John Standring after his makeover.  

Finally, the much-hoped for close-up look at RA post-beard–a lovely report from one very happy fan. 😀