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Guyday Friday: Team Leather 4-Evah!


I truly loved it when Allan and Guy joined forces as Team Leather. Allan was always my favorite outlaw and, naturally, Guy was my favorite, period.

Allan was funny, a cheeky charmer.  And he had a certain pragmatism that I liked. Allan hadn’t had a cushy life, either. He wasn’t a spoiled brat like Robin. He used his wits to survive, even if it wasn’t entirely within the law.

Allan might be a bit dishonest and greedy at times, but at least he wasn’t a sanctimonious you-know-what like you-know-who. Although Guy snarled and snapped at him sometimes, Allan rolled with the punches. I think he was the closest thing to a friend that poor Guy actually had.

   Guy discovers Allan’s new threads.

Was Allan enjoying watching Guy change a little too much? A topic I explored in Lost & Found . . .

Guyday Friday: There’s a new blogger in town


“I suppose it was inevitable,” Ladywriter said with a sigh.

“Well, it IS largely your own fault, dear Ladywriter.” Folding his arms across his broad chest, his shapely mouth curled into one of those dangerously attractive smirks.

LW shoved her bangs out of one eye (really, she had to get a haircut soon) and shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose you are right. I did teach you how to read and write and use a computer. You’ve taken to all of it surprsingly well, considering you started out as a 12th century kind of guy, Guy.”

Sir Guy looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. “Yes, I did, didn’t I?”

“Remember, it is a certain amount of work, having a blog. You shan’t be able to spend all your time raiding the pantry, playing with the pets and trying to one-up Portah,” LW warned him.

He gave her a gracious little nod. “Of course, my lady. I am quite looking forward to this challenge.” His brow crinkled slightly. “Although–one can enjoy KitKat bars whilst blogging, can’t one?”

Ladywriter laughed. “I suppose so. Do try not to get chocolate all over the keys, won’t you?”

Click on the link below to visit Sir Guy’s new blog!  Go over and give the Dark Knight of Deliciousness some love . . .