Some sweet romance for Saturday morning


I’ve been awake for quite a while. One of those disjointed sort of nights. Worked on the novel a bit, caught up on my emails, watched old movies. Here’s some pretty for the weekend, whatever time of day it may be, wherever you may be.   I can feel my eyelids growing heavy again.  Perhaps I will dream of some lovely fellow?

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  1. i hope you get some rest. Some restorative sleep always helps the mind and soul. Maybe you can speak to the writer and tell her to let you sleep so that more beautiful stories could come out of your dreams.

    I think I will re-watch N&S this weekend, just because!

  2. I read somewhere yesterday (I cannot recall where) that Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan resembles Richard Armitage. I completely disagree. Paul Ryan is a nice looking man but he does not remind me of RA at all.

      • I wouldn’t even call Paul Ryan handsome or good looking to be honest. Don’t know anything about his politics but he looks a bit…”slimy” to me, sorry no offence to anybody who may be a supporter! Just an impression!

        • Well, they are both men with light-colored eyes and dark hair and prominent noses. That’s about the extent of it, as far as I can see. As for politicians, as I have said before, after ten years in the media, I tend to be cynical about pretty much all of them. 😉

            • Oh, there are some good folks who hold political office, don’t get me wrong. But so many become “professional politicians” and are more concerned with getting reelected and keeping their cushy jobs and having the perks and the power, than they are about the needs and concerns of their constituents. That’s why I think there should be term limits. You could say Benny looks like RA as much as this guy does, frankly. ?? Guess beauty and resemblance are both in the eye of the beholder. 😉

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