Storms & Smiles on a Sunday


It was a dark and stormy night . . . Oh, I know it’s a horrible old cliche, but that’s the way it was.  Lashing rain, jagged bolts of lightning streaking the sky, loud claps of thunder, the whole nine yards.  Not particularly conducive to rest even if you don’t have FMS or arthritis.

My cats normally don’t really react to inclement weather, but Callie was perturbed by those bright flashes in the night sky. I’m not all that keen on them, either.  We’ve lost a satellite receiver, our oven element and an integrated phone/answering machine to lightning strikes over the years (the cord on the latter was actually melted into the machine).

Happily, no nearby strikes last night and we didn’t even lose power for more than a few brief seconds. More showers and thunderstorms are likely today . . .  I fear I may need a nap later on. I’ve been working on the novel some more this morning, watching TCM, reading through lots of emails, lots to which I need to reply.   It’s a gloomy day out there–I am thinking I need some Harry/RA sunshine. Maybe you do, too.

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  1. Sorry to hear the weather’s been so bad and you didn’t have a restful night! It’s very, very hot here! I’ve just cut the grass in my sis’ garden! For some reason I love cutting grass! Thank you for these gorgeous Harry pics. They always put a smile on my face! Take care! Hope you’ll be able to have a rest later. Hugs!

    • Thank, Judit. Benny’s trying to take a nap now, although my very loud series of sneezes surely did not help! I don’t think I have ever sneezed so hard for so long, I thought I knocked something loose in there. *sigh* I can’t say I love to cut grass, but I love the scent of it–even though I am allergic to it, along with weeds, dust, most trees, smoke . . . Mother Nature conspires against me. 😉 I believe it is impossible not to smile at the image of Harry Kennedy. He’s pure sunshine, that lad. 😀

      • I’m allergic to grass too but I love the scent, so that compensates for it! 🙂 My sister’s middle boy (24) brought home 2 stray kittens a short while ago, though strictly speaking, they picked HIM and followed him home (One of them is pure white with beautiful blue eyes and the other one is black- they are both absolutely adorable!).They’re not allowed in the house but I petted them on the terrace and my nose and eyes started itching like hell. The pollen levels are high at this time of the year, so I have been experiencing allergy symptoms anyway..Not pleasant to say the least…I sympathise with you, Angie!

  2. It’s 33° C here and I hate it ! We are not accustomed to high temperatures !

    We are waiting for thunderstorms now and I think “Thunderstorms rhyme with Gisborne” (not exactly but …) and I feel good ! Is it normal doctor ?
    Angie I’m happy to hear you are working at your novel !!!!

  3. The sunshine of a Harry Kennedy smile is welcome ALL the time. But most especially on gloomy days! Thanks for those.

    I hope you get some rest, Angie, and some relief. *hug*

  4. Hoping the weather disturbances get done with themselves quickly and leave you in peace. Yes, a Harry Kennedy smile is always welcome, even when I’m sitting here in a wet tee-shirt at 39 degrees C…

  5. I LOVE Harry Kennedy….sigh!!!!!!!!!

    I also love thunderstorms so I am not feeling any of you on that subject. I love to open the windows so that I came hear storms clearer. I love listening to rain showers falling on the grass or ground To me the day is beautiful whether the sun is shining or if it is raining. As long as I am indoors bring on the thunderstorms. I am not talking about hurricanes; just rain storms with some thunder here and there. Love it!!!! It is nice to get comfy with a book while listening to it rain hard.

    • I don’t know what thunderstorms are like in NY, but trust me, thunderstorms lose some of their enchantment for you here when your home has been struck and you’ve suffered damage more than once, beautiful old trees have been splintered by it or, worst of all, someone you know has been struck by it. As I said, even my normally copacetic cat was unnerved by last night’s storms.

      • Thunderstorms can be just as fierce here in New York. We have our share of downed trees and other disastrous results by storms with heavy winds and lightening.

        • Another reason that I don’t love these fierce thunderstorms is the fact they often spawn tornadoes. I cannot forget the hundreds of people killed and the millions in property damage in our state alone from the storms known as April’s Fury. Rain is one thing; rain is essential. The rest I could happily live without.

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