Black Sky & Birthday Preparations


OK, we now know the film Richard is currently filming will be called Black Sky.  Very ominous sounding, which is suitable for a film about a tornado and its terrible aftermath.  Less ominous sounding (and much more festive) is the fact Richard will be celebrating the big Four-One right here in the good ol’ USA in just a couple of days. Word on the street is the ChaRActers are already gearing up for the big celebration . . .

If you haven’t been to and participated in the birthday celebration countdown by AgzyM and Gisbornesboy, you’ve still got time to throw your name in the pot by answering the question of the day for a chance to win an amazing tote bag featuring Gisby’s own Little RA character cartoons.  Congrats to all the winners thus far!  And I have an RA birthday surprise or two for y’all of my own . . . 😉

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  1. That’s a great title! I had worried that it might be something boring or trite but this is short and to the point. The Hobbit genre may not be everyone’s cup of tea so I’m overjoyed that through this movie perhaps many more people will be exposed to this extraordinarily talented man! We’ve “dreamed of this day”! 😉

    • That’s an excellent point, Teuchter. Let’s face it, as highly anticipated as it is, not everyone is going to want to see The Hobbit. Offering something different that will also allow audience members to see Mr. A as “himself,” i.e. not buried under makeup, prosthetics and costumes, could be truly beneficial to gaining greater exposure for this very talented artist.

  2. A great title indeed! I believe I wouldn’t go to see The Hobbit if it wasn’t for Richard. I’m ashamed to confess I haven’t seen the LOTR movies yet. I will follow Richard’s advice and see them after I’ve seen the first Hobbit movie. The theme of the new movie, on the other hand, seems to me so interesting I would very likely go to see the movie, even though I didn’t know anything about the actors.

  3. I like the new title. Still slightly worried about how his American accent will turn out…, (gotta stay positive and have faith in the man… he’s so talented at accents there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to do a credible American one).. And why do I have the feeling that whether or he’ll be offered more parts in contemporary American films will largely depend on the reception of Black Sky? Maybe I’m wrong…Anyway, the target audience of those two films is definitely different, so that’ll definitely be beneficial to his career.

    • I am going to trust that he can do the accent. Knowing it is set in Oklahoma and assuming he’s supposed to be from that area, I think he will find the regional accent much easier to handle than, say, New England or Long Island . . . I don’t know if it will depend so much on the reception to the film or specifically his performance in this production–I can’t say at this point.

      I definitely think it is a good thing he isn’t doing another fantasy-type film right now. A contrast is needed.

      • I agree. I doubt that there’s an accent he couldn’t master, but Oklahoma is easier than some of the others. I like that the film is contemporary, and a good mix of drama and action, with a screenwriter who has a good track record, as well as we get to see him without all that hair, makeup, and costume that it took to create Thorin. All on the plus side.

    • I have to admitt that Black Sky seems to be turing out slightly better than I had anticipated. I really like the title, too. Much better than the sensational Category Six. It is certainly important how this movie is received, he has to recommened himself to other famous directors apart from PJ and as someone who is an option to cast along the big stars. I was just so disappointed that this movie isn’t in that category yet. We will see how it does, if it is the kind of stuff that gets a limited release or of it has the potential to become a modest summer blockbuster.

  4. I like the title Black Sky as well.
    As a genre, I’m not keen on disaster movies, and certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to watch one at the cinema, nor did I see LOTR on the big screen. Without my interest in Richard, I wouldn’t be buying a ticket to see either TH or Black Sky, although the publicity surrounding TH would probably give me a push. His involvement has meant that I have become interested in TH as a movie and a fan of Peter Jackson in their own right.
    If he can get a lead role in a romantic drama or comedy next, he’ll have three different genres covered, and thus an even broader audience. Here’s hoping he will eventually be in the kind of movie I actually prefer! 😉

    • Truth is I hardly ever go to the movies. I usually end up waiting and watching on the satellite. I find ticket prices rather outrageous. So it has to either be something I am really interested or starring someone I am really interested in. Following the progress of TH did give me a sense of ownership in the project and definitely increased my interest in the overall project.

      If he does a romantic comedy in the future–oh, please let it be a good one. There are so many mediocre and downright bad ones–well, I guess that is true of films in general. 😉 I would certainly like to see him survive the final credits and get the girl (worthy of his devotion).

      • Same here, Angie! Very rarely do I consider a movie worth paying for in a theater! However, I now have 4 movies on my list for must-sees!

        Unfortunately, I really don’t care for natural disaster movies. 😦 I’ve seen enough disasters from tornado’s and hurricane’s in real life! I wouldn’t be seeing this one if it wasn’t for RA. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that accent!

      • I couldn’t care less if he gets the girl or survives or is called John or films close to where I live. All I want him to do is something that finally earns him recognition as a great actor, not just as a ladies’ favourite and action man. I want him to do the type of movie that is considered for awards or is shown at film festivals. And he won’t achieve that kind of recognition as long as he does stuff that is merely light entertainment. No matter how good his acting is.

  5. I do not understand why all this concern about his accent. Here in Brazil, there are people from several regions who bring with them the own accent from their regions and even so, everybody understand themselves. I think that to the people who live in countries whose language is not English, is indifferent if Richard speaks with his own accent or not. The important is that he plays well his role. So I don´t understand all this controversy. Of course I´d prefer listen to him speaking with his own accent.

    • I personally won’t be able to tell a good from a bad American accent, but our American friends will, and they will put every second of it under the microscope, so to speak. I want him to pass that test and I want the result to be flawless and effortless, not just credible.

  6. I know that I would not be planning to see The Hobbit if Richard was not in it. I would not even have read the book but I am glad that I did. I streamed LOTR about two months ago and didn’t care for it so I won’t be seeing the rest of that trilogy. I am not into disaster movies either but for Richard, hey I have to be a good wife and support hubby in his career. At least people won’t have guns in it. Black Sky for a title doesn’t grab me but at least it has a title now. YAY!!! I preferred Category 6 but there is already a movie with that title.

    I cannot wait to hear hubby speak with an American accent. I would LOVE for hubby to do a romantic comedy next.

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