The ChaRActers have kicked off the celebration! (fanvid)


This is my first treat celebrating Richard’s upcoming birthday. The ChaRActers are hankering to get the party started–cake, champagne, kisses . . . and you know those filthy, raucous dwarfs like to party hard!

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  1. I wish I could see this video. I got a message that it was blocked in this country on copywrite grounds. Is there a way around this?

    • Not really. I used to have all my stuff posted at Vimeo but they deleted them all. 😦 Apparently it can be seen in Sweden, since GB watched it. Maybe my next vid will be available here. This is what infuriates me with YT. *sigh*

        • They didn’t meet their criteria. What irritated me was when they also deleted videos featuring my own photographs taken with my own camera. So I am not terribly happy with them right now.

          • It certainly took them long enough to come to that decision, your vids were up there for ages! Well, looks like I’ve saved myself the bother of uploading, because somehow I don’t think my vids would meet their criteria either!

            • I told them I wanted to close my account (I was really ticked off) , but they played nice after pulling the vids and assured me they wanted to keep it open. *rolls eyes* Sorry, but I have no use for it any longer!

          • WTF!! This is worse than any of the rubbish YT has pulled. What kind of “criteria” do those rotters have? They ain’t all that.

  2. I love it.Great Vid. Given that my bday is three days later than his (except, I am two years older) I keep fantazing about a shared birthday dinner in our birthday suits. There is wine, preferrably pinot grigio and ….well…you know, lots of celebrating. lol

  3. The vid, which is adorable, plays in Poland 🙂
    I don’t really get why they’d have a problem. It’s not like you’re making money off these projects, there’s a limited amount of people that will see them, and those who do can be categorised as ‘friends’, so stop being so weird Vimeo and YT.
    Don’t you know we’re about to celebrate Armitage Day?
    I have a tiny slideshow vid for RA’s BDay too. It’s actually an overgrown gif idea that I added a bit of music to 😉 I treat it as the next stop before I learn to put videos together, which seems like an extremely difficult task. Then again, a few months ago I’d have struggled to crop a pic, so anything is doable, right?
    Ceeeeeelebrate Armitage Day, come on!!! 🙂
    Ps. I actually met Kool from Kool & the Gang. He was absolutely lovely, but I had no idea who he was until someone (older) told me.
    Then again, at the same time, I met Chris Noth, and had no idea who he was either. Didn’t seem like anything special, until I watched SATC and was introduced to Mr Big.
    BTW, he’s NOTHING like Mr Big.
    Enough gossip 😉

    • Hooray! I think maybe between the two vids most of the world will be able to see one or the other. Both have ties to UMG, but one is blocked only in Germany and the other vid in numerous other places. ?? I have one more birthday-related vid (I know, I went on a vid-making frenzy LOL) which hopefully will play most places. It’s super up-tempo and fun. 😀

      Yeah, I don’t feel as if I am taking a dime out of anyone’s pockets. I have actually had viewers turn around and purchase songs via iTunes, Amazon, etc. they discovered through a vid–so technically I am making THEM money. 😉 Plus, I have had to buy some of the music I use. And heck, yeah, we’ve GOT to celebrate Armitage Day!!

      I can’t believe how far I have come from a couple of years ago in terms of the computer. I mean, I really do have TIS (Technologically Impaired Syndrome) on top of everything else. Yes, regular vids with footage versus slideshows are considerably more labor-intensive, although new software does simplify things a bit. My husband is a pretty successful amateur vidder and I have seen him put in lots of hours working on a single vid. And you’d better like the music you are using because you’ll listen to it over–and over–and over again before it’s all done.

      I always think of his role on Law & Order in terms of Chris Noth because that’s where I first saw him. I watch reruns now and again and my gosh, he looks so YOUNG. Of course, I looked a lot younger 20 years ago, too. 😉 Kool and the Gang had some great feel-good tunes–like this one. Stop in and gossip anytime you wish. LOL

      • Never saw L&O, so I really didn’t know him from Adam. To me he was a bit icky… Then again, he ended up with a good friend of mine at the time, and I think it’s a case of a really lovely strong woman making a bad boy turn a new leaf.
        I actually met a lot of very interesting people at that time in my life, and because I didn’t know who they were, I didn’t make a fool of myself 😉
        Yay to ignorance!
        Then again, there were a few who I did know, but their careers were on the decline. I met a drummer of one of my favorite bands at that time. Turned out he was doing the sound system for a concert for a few $. I felt really sorry for him 😦 Quite a big difference to the jet set life he enjoyed only a few years before.

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