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A cure for Insomnia?


Sleep-refreshing, restorative sleep–is something I crave. Unfortunately, I get far less of it than I would like.  Insomnia is a common side effect of Fibromyalgia. Of course, it’s a vicious cycle. The less sound sleep I get, the more my connective tissues–muscles, tendons and ligaments–burn and ache.  And the more I hurt, the harder it is for me to sleep. So this is why I am sometimes chatting with people in England and Poland and Australia at 3 a.m. As my husband said earlier tonight, “Well, dear, at least you’ve always got someone to talk to.”

I’ve tried various things outside of sleeping pills (which I have used, but have no desire to become addicted to) to help me sleep: sound machines, sleeping masks, aromatherapy, various types of pillows, and so forth. However, I really think if this chap would visit me every night speaking in warm and soothing tones, smiling and looking into my eyes with those big, luminous baby blues, he could hypnotize me right into a deep, deep sleep . . . and some lovely dreams.  What do you think?


Check out this opportunity to support a good cause in a good man.s name !!

Me + Richard Armitage

Have you always wanted to donate to one of Richard Armitage’s fundraising efforts at JustGiving, but missed out?

Concerned about the logistics of using a foreign website — worried about possible credit card fees or tax issues — convinced that charity begins at home — just never got around to it — or — a common problem: no extra money?

We at the King Richard Armitage fan initiative have a solution to these difficulties — we’ll take care of the money, the logistics, and everything else, while you can still focus on supporting your favorite local charities.

You can spend our money to support Richard Armitage’s charitable impulses!

Read more about it below!



King Richard Armitage week begins today and runs through August 28th. See the welcome post, with a description of what’s to come, at Something About Love! Includes poem by Melissa the Mouse.


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And now, a message from Storyteller Richard


So, it’s evening in Detroit. Mr. A has put in another day on the set of Black Sky. I wonder if he’ll go out somewhere for the evening to celebrate his birthday–a birthday supper, perhaps? A little dining and dancing? Or will he be too tired and prefer to pack it in . . .  whatever he does, I hope it’s been a good day. I hope by the time he turns in for the night  he’s thoroughly felt the love and affection and appreciation that has poured out from all over the globe for him on his special day, on Armitage Day. And thank you, once more, Richard, for just being–you.  And for the effect you have on me, on us.  God bless you, Birthday Boy Extraordinaire.