A cure for Insomnia?


Sleep-refreshing, restorative sleep–is something I crave. Unfortunately, I get far less of it than I would like.  Insomnia is a common side effect of Fibromyalgia. Of course, it’s a vicious cycle. The less sound sleep I get, the more my connective tissues–muscles, tendons and ligaments–burn and ache.  And the more I hurt, the harder it is for me to sleep. So this is why I am sometimes chatting with people in England and Poland and Australia at 3 a.m. As my husband said earlier tonight, “Well, dear, at least you’ve always got someone to talk to.”

I’ve tried various things outside of sleeping pills (which I have used, but have no desire to become addicted to) to help me sleep: sound machines, sleeping masks, aromatherapy, various types of pillows, and so forth. However, I really think if this chap would visit me every night speaking in warm and soothing tones, smiling and looking into my eyes with those big, luminous baby blues, he could hypnotize me right into a deep, deep sleep . . . and some lovely dreams.  What do you think?

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Hi from Australia from another FMS sufferer! 😉 If only we could get Richard to make us a relaxation CD or something similar! Although I’m not sure how relaxed I’d be as I’m madly besotted with that rich dark chocolatey voice 😀

    I was awake all night again and have only recently been able to drag myself out of my nice warm bed – it’s now almost 1.30pm Thursday in my house!. It’s cold and it’s raining cats and dogs but I will have to jump into the shower as I need to grab some groceries.

    See ya later, kiddo

    • What I think I need are hypnotism recordings–RA’s soothing voice helping me relax all the tension throughout my body, gently lulling me . . . on days like you are having, it really is hard to get motivated to get up and at’ em. Hope your shopping went well.

  2. I’m not so sure that sleep would be what’s on my mind if he looked at me like that! 😉 It may involve the sleeping chamber … *naughty grin*

    Hope you get some sleep relief soon, Angie. I can’t lay my insomnia down to anything except … well, insomnia.

    BTW … very cool graphic there! 🙂

    • from what I have read, a large number of folks in the US do have difficulty sleeping on a somewhat regular basis. It really takes its toll on a person’s body and brain after a while. Glad you liked the graphic. PiZap offers an MC Escher effect (some of you will remember my post about the artist) and it’s fun to play with.

  3. I really hope you managed to get some rest, Angie! I couldn’t get to sleep either, was awake until 3.30 am. Good job I’m on holiday today. Wanted to go to get my hair cut this morning but couldn’t wake up until 11 am… Ah well. What a fantastic graphic! Cbeebies Richard….willing you to go to sleep…Getting the opposite effect… 🙂

    • I fell asleep relatively early and then woke up shortly after 12, then in and out , doing the Lucas Pillow Punch for the next several hours. Thumper came in when I got up at 12 and she’s been cuddling with me ever since. I got up at 6. Still tired and hurting, alas. 😦 I like to think if he hypnotized me–and can’t you imagine him being good at that?–and put me into a deep sleep I might actually sleep through the night. It’s fun to imagine, anyway. 😀

  4. If only looking at Richard and listening to his voice could cure all our ills!! We would be the healthiest folk around!!

  5. I like to read a good book before to go to bed .In the most of times, I imagine that the main character is look like Richard or any of his character, especially GOG.This works to me and I sleep like a baby.

    • I love to read, too, but sometimes I become too interested and can’t stop reading . . . and then my brain keeps going even after I stop LOL Basically my body and brain seem to be at war with one another sometimes. Ah, well . . .

    • I like to read a lot and particularly once I am actually IN bed. Lately I’ve been re-reading some of my Georgette Heyer books and can happily imagine Richard in those romantic “hero” roles! Maybe that is why I normally sleep well! 😉 Now if I could only dream about him too!!!

      • Oh. Teuchter -you don’t dream about Richard? I AM sorry to hear that. I dream about him a lot but I still can’t sleep :).

        As Angie says, our minds and bodies aren’t in sync for one thing. This darned FMS is the pits because most of us have a sleep disorder that nothing seems to shift. That’s why I’m so heavily into audiobooks – I may not be sleeping much but, when I’m listening to someone read to me, at least I’m more relaxed than when I stare at the ceiling, thinking “I wish I could go to sleep, I wish I could go to sleep”!!!

        I have just purchased a 30 minute CD that’s supposed to help with sleeping so I’ll tell you if it works tomorrow :).

        Back to Richard – he’d have to do that monotone sort of voice hypnotherapists use – a nice neutral drone – and keep it up for sometime! But, hey, if you can talk him into making a CD like that, I’ll volunteer to be the guinea pig to try it out :D.

        • I haven’t dreamed about him in a while. I am about due for another one. Watch me dream about a tornado with only a little bit of RA. 😉 Yeah, let me know how that CD works. Maybe if I could get Thumper to sleep right beside and purr all night, that might help. 😉

          Staring at the ceiling does get old fast.

        • I know Kathryn! 😦 Believe me, I’ve tried everything – even very stinky blue cheese!! You would think with the inordinate length of time I spend looking at him – pictures that is – it would happen. Do you think it’s because my brains knows full well I’m FAR too old for him??? *sighs deeply*

              • hehe. I’m always saying “My brain’s gone missing again. If you see a brain floating around out there, send it home to me…PLEASE!” 😀

                I went out yesterday, in the cold and the rain, specifically to pick up my thyroid medication from the chemist. I was out for hours ’cause I wanted to get quite a few other things done, too. So, guess what I forgot to get?

                Going to the chemist now before I forget again. Se ya later, kids 😀

              • Teuchter, I am expecting you to be around here for a good, long time so don’t be getting any ideas otherwise, little missies. 😀

  6. I just read The Convenient marriage by Georgette Heyes and I liked it. Now, guess why did I read this book? Currently I`m starting to read Venetia. I Liked of the first one. I think if RA could be a great mr Rule. He is handsome,gently, gentleman, clever, has sense of humor and several others qualities that our man has. So, at nights I prefer an light story because you stay more relaxed.

    • Your going to LOVE Venetia!! Damerel!! **swoon** And if you haven’t already done so, read Sylvester after that. 😉

    • Yes, I am very fond of The Convenient Marriage as well. There is a lot of humor in it which I enjoy. I read the book after listening to the audiobook and found myself hearing Richard’s voice reading all the passages that were not in the audiobook version. The same was true when I read Venetia. I love how Rule clearly falls for Horry but she doesn’t realize it and he becomes jealous of her flirtations. He seems like the bored aristocrat on the surface but underneath has a very keen mind and good heart.

  7. I have a going-to-sleep fantasy that helps. It’s hot (like it’s been here) and I’m trying to sleep under a mosquito net at a desert oasis, none too comfortable, when Porter drives up and parks the RangeRover. “Trouble sleeping, honey?” he asks as he sits on the bed. “Uh-huh” “Just close your eyes; I’ll take the first watch,” he assures me, and I fall asleep.

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