Grey suit, blue shirt, hot guy in Black Sky


Ladies, Todd Garner, producer of Black Sky, came through after receiving a request for a photo of Richard from the set . . . here’s the Tweet! Or should I say here’s the Thud!! Thank you, Todd, and thank you, costume department, for putting RA in the right colors. 😉

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  1. Great stuff. Love that color on him and he does look fabulous.I wonder if that will be the suit he will wear throughout the movie…being caught in a tornado and all……it works, right color on him (it reminds me a bit of Lucas).

    I am liking Todd Garner. He know how to indulge us. lol

    • His wonderful physique and natural grace and elegance show clothes off to great advantage. And the colors really are good for him, too. Two thumbs up to the wardrobe mistress!

      • He’d make a great model. If I were Marks and Spencer (do you have M&S in the US, Angie?) I would have hired him and NOT Ryan Reynolds to front my ad campaign! I know, RR is much better known…But he has zero chemistry with the girl he’s posing with, she looks so utterly BORED and unintrested in him on some of the photos! Maybe it’s just the photographer’s fault…

        • Marks and Sparks? No, we don’t have it here, but I am familiar with the chain. Ryan’s a nice fellow, but he’s just never done anything for me the way RA does (even if he was chosen Sexiest Man Alive by People . . .)

          • We did have it here in Canada some years ago and they had pretty good stuff for a while then they went all trendy and lost sight of the people who loved to liked more classic styling – at least that was what I found. I really do miss their food section though as I could always count on things that tasted like home! (“Home” being the UK in this instance). Battenberg Cake anyone?? 😀

            • M&S food section….*sighs* yum yum yum… We do have M&S clothing shops in Hungary (huge and almost always empty- I always wonder how they actually survive as nobody seems to shop there), it has to be said) but no food section… 😦

  2. Looking at this again – tough job eh? – don’t you agree he already LOOKS like his character – teacher, father of two (presumably) teen-aged sons, etc? Incredible how he inhabits a role!

      • That was my second thought, after the initial OMG he looks gorgeous response. On the one hand you have Lucas in a suit, shirt and tie, and here he is now in a suit, shirt and tie, yet looking so different. You’re right Angie, I think it has to do with his demeanour. He has certainly taken on the character as usual, looking every inch a father and teacher.
        *sigh* I can hardly wait to see TH, now I’m feeling the same way about a movie I wouldn’t have given two hoots about without Richard’s involvement.

        • Richard always makes it worth my while. That’s the way I look at it. He can entice me to watch/listen to/read things I normally wouldn’t and to find things attractive I never really have before . . . because he’s made of awwwwwwwesommmmmmmme.

        • YES! He truly inhabits the role, makes you believe, makes you care. *sigh* And compliments to the costume/wardrobe people for getting it right. Sure, Richard can look great in anything, but these colours and the cut really work, showcasing both his attributes and the character he’s portraying.

  3. The first who guessed it was perhaps Richard was a Russian Lady
    Copy past of her post with Google translation

    PS : I don’t know if the link works !

  4. She writes “Photo of Nathan Kress Twitter. The stage presentation of diplomas. source Who’s hiding behind the woman in white capris? In a gray suit. Look like?”

    • Yes, she was right, wasn’t she? 😀 I just could not see enough to make a confident guess. When he’s sitting down, it’s always hard for me to judge the length of the legs.

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