Hit Me With Your Best Shot!:Guyday Friday


It’s still more than an hour before Guyday Friday officially kicks off but my head says I had better go ahead and post now.

As I have mentioned before, I love the Hood Academy featurette from the Robin Hood DVDs. Seeing Richard practice his riding, sword fighting and archery is such a pleasure: the way he looks with the disheveled hair and stubble, the air of quiet concentration, the intensity he brings to each activity. He puts so much of himself into his roles–and it shows.




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  1. Just about 10.00pm here but he’s more than welcome to arrive early!! Oh Angie! How did you know that the Hood Academy pictures are amongst my most favourite of all the RH pictures? Add that to the S3 ones and I’m on cloud 9!! That mussed up hair, heavy stubble, bare forearms and the concentration and I’m done for! Always loved that video of yours! Lets just say the beat has certain effects! πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the music in the video. Btw, there is no tell tale bulge in the front of Gisborne’s tights. I noticed that there is no big bulge when he was playing Lee and wearing speedos either. Those “family jewels” that Judit mentioned in another post could be small trinkets instead. Perhaps that is why he is still single? I would still want RA anyway because the way I figure it is that a man can have large “jewels” and not know how to please a woman. Love goes so much deeper than that.

    [omment edited for content]

    • Zan, she was referring to the music in the above video. All the family jewels stuff really isn’t related to this video, it’s a bit OT. Now, my “Peacock” video, that one is . . . LOL

      • Angie, I must’ve scrolled right past it! Cool video, btw. πŸ™‚
        And, as for your “Peacock” video … mmmmm … yeah, thanks for posting that. *fans self* It’s warm in here, and it has nothing to do with it being August!

  3. I was watching your video yet again and when looking at the “archery competition” it really struck me how there really is no-one in those shots who even begins to compare with him in the looks and physique department, is there? Even with the plain tee shirt, messy hair etc he just exudes masculine beauty. You find yourself riveted to him. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, it’s funny. If you didn’t know any better, just watching those snippets you would assume Richard must be the hero of the production. He looks SO much more the “type” than Jonas does. A hero should have charisma that draws you to him, and that’s what RA has. No offense to JA, but he simply doesn’t have “IT” and RA does.

    • I was watching a film with Daniel Craig in it last night and he was a builder with disheveled hair and stubble. And he just looked–scruffy. Not unattractive, but–scruffy. Richard manages to look very sexy with the bed head and heavy stubble.

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