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Beautiful dreamers . . .


Hubby and I watched Super 8 tonight, followed by one of those “so bad it’s good” films on Epix Drive-In, Starcrash. Now, I am  going to take something for this headache and then I am actually going to try to get to sleep early for the second night in a row! Wonders never cease.  Thought I would leave you with some dreamy images of ChaRActers . . . night, night! 

The Many Faces of Sgt. Porter


Sgt. John Porter. Father. Soldier. Spy. Friend.  Lover. Savior. Hero.  Tough, yet tender. Stoic. Brave. Passionate. Determined. Intense. Resourceful. Ruthless when necessary. And he’s got a sense of humor, too!  And, of course, he’s gorgeous to behold. So much more than  just another muscle head with a gun. A multi-faceted character courtesy of Richard Armitage.

OT: Battening down the hatches . . . just in case


It appears we have the makings of a hurricane brewing in the Gulf. Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to reach hurricane level by the time it makes landfall in the US. Right now, it appears it will strike the Florida Panhandle by mid-week, depending on how much momentum it picks up. We only live a couple of hours from said Panhandle. Having been through Opal, Ivan, Dennis and Katrina, we now have some experience with these massive and potentially devastating storms.

Image of Tropical Storm Isaac taken August 22, 2o12. The storm has already caused damage and deaths in Cuba and Haiti.  Courtesy of CSM.com

Once upon a time, we  were far enough inland  that we never really worried about the effects of hurricanes on our area other than knowing we would likely get some heavy rains. And those were generally welcome because we often were dealing with drought conditions and rain was much needed. 

That’s all changed in the last 15 to 20 years. Now when we say houses were damaged or trees went down in the hurricane, we have to specify exactly which hurricane it was.   Opal took out my late dad’s barn and a number of mature trees, roots and all, surrounding the old farmhouse.  Neighbors lost every single tree surrounding their property.

Damage from Hurricane Opal in Panama City, Fla. Courtesy of Corbis images

Ivan removed a chunk of the roof of the lovely historic Episcopalian church in town, Saint Thomas, and caused extensive damage to many homes and businesses. Hundred of trees were toppled at the beautiful  golf course close to town.  Katrina thankfully left us relatively unscathed, but we still felt its impact as our county became a haven for many of its survivors from Louisiana and Mississippi.

Orange Beach, Ala. after Hurricane Ivan. My sister and brother-in-law own a condo here. I am sure my BIL is watching the weather forecasts very closely

I am hoping it’s all going to fizzle out greatly before it makes landfall, but judging by my own specific physical aches and pains, something big is brewing.  Hubby’s gut tells him it could be rough for us, too.  He emailed me from town and said he’d picked up a small generator and stocked up on batteries. I checked out our supply of lamp oil and took stock of the pantry.

I will charge up both Kindles fully just in case and dig out the solar-powered crank-up radio.

I guess you could say we’re going to hope for the best, but  try to prepare for the worst. 

And pray.