The ChaRActers say: Gimme Some Lovin’!


Here’s a peppy little video for Humpday. Oh, those amorous fellas!! (those lucky females!)

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  1. Yes, lucky females, even under hot lights, in full makeup, with everybody looking, and acting rather than for real — they still got that close to givin’ those chaRActers some lovin’.

    • Just being in the presence of a man so devastatingly handsome and charismatic–one who is “sublime”–has to be a good thing. And then to get up close and personal if only for the cameras. Yep, lucky and indeed.

  2. Angie did you HAVE to make this video????….LOL

    What I have noticed is that RA does not open his mouth a lot of times. He just puckers up his lips and puts it on the woman’s lips. He does not do what he did with Daniela in N&S where there is tongue contact.

      • I have wondered what makes RA decide to give tongue or not. Is he attracted to the actresses whom he gives his tongue to and not the ones that he puckers up with closed mouth? I have been paying close attention to that. Often our man is not giving tongue.

          • It is sometimes up to the director as well as the actors. The “Hollywood” kiss looks like it’s passionate because of the angle, but actually does not involve open-mouth contact. The two actors involved may feel okay about the more intimate contact, and the director may want that, too, et voila!

            • I always notice open-mouth kisses in every movie that I watch. I have nothing else to do I guess. 🙂
              Anyway, This is why I wondered about RA and his tongueless kisses when the opposite seems to be the norm in movies. Not that I am complaining. RA knows how to make them look passionate. I will take whatever Richard gives me. If all I can get is a handshake I’ll take it.

            • I’ve always wondered about Lucas’s first kiss with Sarah. It looks as if they rehearsed it one way and then RA had to switch his “approach” at the last minute. GOR’s nose is not exactly small and RA’s certainly isn’t it (NOT that I am complaining) and wondered if he was trying to avoid the smushed-nose thing? 😉

  3. Unfortunately this is another video we can’t see here in Germany. Nothing new about that and it’s getting worse!! It relieves me a bit to assume that I probably know most all of the pictures you’ve used and the rest is left to my imagination… LOL
    The vid’s pic that appears when I open this post is a close-up of Paul (or is it Lee with that blue top?), his head cocked sideways with closed eyes and a slightly opened mouth (no closed lips here!!) and the back of the head of Alona (Ramona?) having her hand around his neck. Can’t remember seeing this particular still any time before. Anyway enough to brisk up my thoughts sky-high, or better into well-known deeps……mmmm

    • That’s the biggest problem with YT and videos–so many are blocked in Germany. And now I don’t have Vimeo as a fall back since my videos no longer met their criteria. *rolls eyes* It is indeed Paul and Alona getting frisky. 😉

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