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Living proof.


I had to order my blood pressure medicine today and the site I use, drugstore.com, has switched pharmacy providers. This meant I had to go through the whole rigmarole of registering and transferring information to the new site. However, there was one moment that had me wearing an ear-to-ear grin. I was asked to pick a security question. I chose the first one: “What is the name of a favorite actor, musician or band?”

Gee, what do you think my answer was?

And I found myself wondering if I was the first person to use him as their answer. And then wondering if that just might change in a few months;  musing over whether or not he’ll become lots and lots of people’s choice as “favorite actor.”

I am pretty sure Richard isn’t interested in winning any popularity contests, of course. He’s all about his craft. Richard stays focused on the work, preparing for his roles, doing his homework, making the most of each character, creating a layered, nuanced performance.

I was not in the least surprised to read  in Frenzy’s interview that Black Sky producer Todd Garner thinks Richard is a good writer, nor to discover some of RA’s ideas are being worked into the film, including the trailer. RA is a smart and insightful fellow as well as a very talented one. I believe his input can only improve a project.

Once more, I feel incredibly proud of him and for him. I think of the people who have referred to Richard in the past as “wooden” and “OK eye candy.” Of the ones who dismissed him as an actor because you surely cannot be that good looking and also be genuinely talented and have brains, can you?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, you can be. You can be a man of breathtaking masculine beauty who is also an amazingly detailed actor bringing breadth and depth to your characters.  You can be these things and also be a truly nice, gracious,modest, generous, intelligent, insightful human being.  A gentleman who wins the admiration and respect of fellow cast and crew members.  You can be a stellar human being on the cusp of major stardom, with no one deserving more it than you.  You can be an example of the nice guy NOT finishing last.

Richard Armitage is living proof.

And yes, I know I am gushing, but really–it is hard not to when it comes this darling man.


Here’s Frenzy’s interview with Todd Garner re Black Sky and RA. A must-read!! ( Edit: Todd Garner is producer of Black Sky, not executive producer. The information is incorrect at IMDB.)


What a pleasure to speak with Todd Garner, Producer on Black Sky, about his new movie and about Richard Armitage, whom he says is “thoughtful and smart.” This should come as little surprise to fans since Richard has received praise from quite a few professionals during his career. Mostly due to his zeal to ensure the story is paramount and his character a perfect complement. His habit of writing character biographies has become almost legendary among fans and has prompted some to ask if he is a writer in the making. Garner thinks he is already there, “He’s an amazing actor but also a terrific writer even though he wouldn’t say that. He has come up with great moments not only for himself and others but for the movie. In fact we just finished shooting a moment he came up with that might be in the trailer.”

Black Sky

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“S” is for Sir Guy: Smoulder


smoulder: (also spelled smolder) to have repressed or half-repressed feelings of anger,  romantic yearnings, sexual desire  

Need I say more?  Sir Guy–volatile, passionate, frustated– surely knows how to smoulder with the best of them.







“S” is for Sir Guy: Smirking


There are so many “s” words that seem to apply to Sir Guy: smouldering, strutting, slinking, snarling, sniffing, sneering–even smiling on occasion–and of course, SEXY. That goes without saying.

  Smirk:  (verb) to smile in a particularly smug, conceited or silly way. (noun) a smug, conceited or silly smile.

I do so dearly love a good Sir Guy smirk.

The sillly smirk of a man of a man just before he realizes the joke, as it were, is on HIM.

The smirk of a knight who knows he’s looking mighty fine “for a dead man.”