“S” is for Sir Guy: Smirking


There are so many “s” words that seem to apply to Sir Guy: smouldering, strutting, slinking, snarling, sniffing, sneering–even smiling on occasion–and of course, SEXY. That goes without saying.

  Smirk:  (verb) to smile in a particularly smug, conceited or silly way. (noun) a smug, conceited or silly smile.

I do so dearly love a good Sir Guy smirk.

The sillly smirk of a man of a man just before he realizes the joke, as it were, is on HIM.

The smirk of a knight who knows he’s looking mighty fine “for a dead man.”

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  1. If I’m away from the blog for a couple of days WP always asks me to log in when I comment again…When I log in I make sure to tick the box “remember me” and but to no avail- WP always manages to forget me!! It has such a short memory!!!

    • Judit, it is good to see you back. Hope all has gone well with moving offices, dental work, kitchen redecorating and ailing computers. Sorry WP is being such a pain, hun. It certainly gives me grief in various ways.

      • I feel drained…and tired. But very much looking forward to catching up on some Richarding over the weekend! In fact, I’ve already started: been reading RA blog posts since 9 pm! (it’s midnight here) 🙂 Got the laptop with me. *sigh of relief* .Our new office is not actually ready for us to move in yet so we’ll have to work from home next week.. Hooray! (?)

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