Portah & Gerry: What a team




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  1. I got such a kick out of watching these two together! Loved all the little Scottish quips like “Tartan Taliban”, “Braveheart” and the time when Gerry yelled out that he was from “COWDENBEATH”!! John got quite mad when Gerry called him a “dozey English p****”!! They certainly played out the traditional English/Scottish rivalry well! 😀 Ewen was great in the part of the traumatized Gerry I thought. A fine bromance indeed! Lol. 🙂

    • That was one of the funniest scenes of SB, and the Afghanistan episodes are in part wonderfully absurd, almost surrealistic. It fits, because from what I have read Afghanistan is one of the strangest places on earth. Too bad that it is now impossible to visit. I know people who were there at the end of the sixties when it was still a moderately liberal country where women could go to university and dress in Western style, at least in the cities. It must be a fascinating place with deserts in the south and 5000m high mountains in the north. Then there are the people descended from Alexander the Greats Greeks in the north east, who have pale skins and blue or green eyes. (Yes, I have a guide book at home!)

      Oh, Portah – you are a treasure, especially when being shirtless, yum! 😀 Shallow me??

      And when Gerry died I cried. What a waste. He’d have deserved to get back to his family after all he’d been through. It was lovely to watch Gerry and Portah getting to understand and maybe even appreciate one another.

    • I loved those quips as well, Teuchter! Ewen and Richard worked very well together. Enjoyed their scenes very much and was shocked when poor Gerry was shot!

      • I was really shocked too at what happened to Gerry, especially when Porter had amazingly brought them safely out through the mine field. When Gerry’s foot was on that mine and Porter broke down when telling him about his friend – “He didn’t ******* wake up” – it just broke my heart. Sometimes you find yourself wishing he wasn’t so darned convincing!! By the end of that whole episode (won’t say how it ends as we know that some of our number haven’t yet watched SB) I felt as if I’d been wrung out!

  2. I really love the depth that Richard brought to that role. He had terrific chemistry with all of the actors. I did especially enjoy the bromance between those two. They were hilarious and touching as well.

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