Battle of the Action Figures


Little Guy wielding his mighty sword on Little Richie.

courtesy of RAFrenzy

Thorin’s shaggy pony is missing, but he does have two nifty weapons.

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    • As Frenz said, Thorin doesn’t really look much like RA, but then again, neither did Little Guy. LOL

      I am sure they can set aside their differences and get along if they kick that alpha male one-up-manship to the curb. πŸ˜‰ Guy’s just a bit insecure about it all. *sigh*

  1. Very clever, Angie. That’s something that I haven’t done, buy his action figures. I don’t know if I will break down and buy one, either.

  2. I don’t think I’ll buy an action figure either because a) They really do not look anything like him at all, πŸ™‚ and b) I’d rather go for an item I can actually use, like a Thorin mug. Or a nightshirt…

  3. Angie this brilliant. Poor Guy he’s so insecure isn’t he. I will be getting a little Thorin to go with my little Guy but Guy needn’t worry he will always be my favourite. Just watching RH S3 Epi 5 were Guy comes back all clean & gorgeous don’t quite know how I’am typing and watching at the same time lol!! Drooling over my keyboard ha ha

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