GoT Withdrawals: Maisie Williams


As many of you know, I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. I have even gotten a couple of you to watch it and also become hooked. You can thank me later. 😉

Yes, it can be graphic at times in terms of both sex and violence. It’s not for the very young, the very delicate or overly squeamish. But for grownups who enjoy an array of interesting characters played by very talented actors, literate and witty scripts and engaging storylines, it’s a winner.

HBO has taken this whole other world imagined by author GRR Martin  and brought its various kingdoms and inhabitants to vivid life on the screen. I admit I watched the episode with the great battle near the send of series 2 no less than five times, I found it that compelling.

Heck, I even love the opening credits. They are phenomenally creative and imaginative and the theme song is wonderful. The theme music has an epic feel and I love the cello. Hmmm, who does that cello remind me of?

There are many performers on GoT whose work I truly like. But one who was new to me who has completely won me over is young Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, the feisty youngest daughter of Lord Ned Stark.

Maisie Williams during a break on the set of GoT. I think this picture is just too cute.

Maisie, who is 15, has appeared in musical theater and is an accomplished dancer, performing tap, jazz, ballet en pointe along with gymnastics and trampolining.  But GoT was her first onscreen role.  I think this pint-sized actess (she’s five feet tall) holds her on against much more experienced performers such as Sean Bean and Charles Dance.

Maisie as Arya in the guise of a young boy in the second series of GoT.

She is set to appear in an upcoming television series The Secret of Crickley Hall and will return in the third season of GoT (can’t hardly wait!!)

Here is a clip from Season 2 with Arya and Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance)

I truly look forward to seeing Maisie in other roles and I would love to see her acting with a certain TDHBEW, too. Of course, I would also love to see our Richard pop up on GoT. I haven’t read the books so I have no idea which character I might want him to play. I’d just enjoy seeing him on one of my favorite shows.

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  1. Well, I will thank you NOW! 😉 Maisie is exceptionally talented! Absolutely adored her scenes with Charles Dance. She doesn’t look 15, btw. Can’t wait for season 3 either!

    • I honestly thought she was 11 or 12. With her height and those big eyes and the snub nose, she certainly appears younger. As someone said on YT, I looked forward each week to her scenes with Dance. Loved her with Jaquen, too. And you are welcome. 😉

  2. I’m a huge fan of GoT although initially I didn’t think I would be. Now I’m completely hooked! It certainly grows on you and I know some of my family are into it. Maisie is an amazing and very talented young lady. Her scenes with Dance were great even though I have mixed feelings about Dance. NOT him personally but because of some of his roles. I first watched him in The Jewel in the Crown and thought he was terrific, then found him so creepy in Bleak House! Now I’m enjoying him in GoT although that BH image keeps coming to mind! 😦 I’d love to see Richard in the series even if it was only for one episode or even a cameo appearance!! Another series I’d like to see him in would be Downton Abbey!! He’d be perfect as an aristocrat! 😉

    • It’s funny because I wasn’t really sure I would like it in the beginning, either, but after a couple of eps, I was hooked. It’s good storytelling. Charles can play some truly evil roles well. I hated him in Bleak House, too. Oh, yes, Downton Abbey would be another good fit for our boy. 😀

    • I had a sizeable crush on Charles Dance back in his Jewel of the Crown days. Luckily (?) I haven’t seen Bleak House so no creepy images are sneaking into my mind when watching him in GoT! 😉

        • I think so too. I don’t mind creepy as long as it’s good creepy, I mean a good acting performance. 😀 Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check Bleak House out! Should keep notes on all the recommendations you guys make as my memory is not what it used to be! Ha!

        • Please don’t get me wrong. I thought Bleak House was great and very well acted. It was just the character Dance played that got to me even though I know that is what good acting is all about!

          • I knew that what you meant, Teuchter, so no worries! 🙂 Sometimes an actor can be so convincing in a role that you can’t shake the effect off even when watching him in other films.

  3. Possible candidate for the role of Elizabeth, Edward IV’s daughter and Richard III’s niece. She seems both young enough and mature enough for a role that could be demanding, depending on the writing.
    P.S. “Game of Thrones” isn’t accessible to me here, so I have to wait.

  4. I’m also a fan of GOT and among so many interesting characteres, Aria e John are my favorite ones. The actress who plays Aria ,though is much young is rocking in this role. Now, if the series is good, the book is much, much better. When you start reading it, do not want to stop . I’ve already read the four volume, and I´m looking forward reading the 5º. With regard to our TDHBEW,I think he could be an interesting James Lanister. You´ll see that the bad man is not so bad like all think.

  5. I was very impressed by Maisie’s performance, I’m glad she survived the first series! I wouldn’t have thought her to be mid-teens, more like the 11 or 12 you considered her to be too, Angie.

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