Crow’s feet have never looked better


Today’s selection from A.Word.A.Day is crow’s feet. I think we all know what the phrase refers to, but just in case you don’t, here’s the definition:

Crow’s feet (noun) wrinkles in skin around the outer corner of the eyes.

I’ll be honest. I’m trying to ward away the crow’s feet from my own eyes. Oh, I know it’s inevitable I will get (more) wrinkles; goodness knows I have no desire to possess one of those plastic faces devoid of all expression. But I do use eye cream, following in the footsteps of my mom who always encouraged us to moisturize. I wear sunglasses to protect my light-sensitive eyes from squinting. I guess I hope to age gracefully.

But certain things I don’t like about my own appearance–such as that spare hunk of flesh under my chin that screams “matronly” or the incipient wrinkles–I adore when it’s part of Mr. A’s visage. The gorgeous young man who played the flirty-girty lifeguard has more–character in that handsome face now.

In some of his studio photos RA’s crow’s feet have been erased or greatly diminished. Even the photo in the background here, which I love, has clearly been tampered with.  Of course, that’s standard practice.  We know all those actresses and models we see on the covers of magazines or in their 8 x 10 glossies aren’t that perfect, that flawless, that ageless in Real Life.  We know Richard himself always wished they would let his hair be mussed and his wrinkles show on Spooks, but they kept coming around and touching things up.

Frankly, Richard’s real face, crow’s feet, crinkles, wrinkles, scars and all suits me just fine.  I hope that he won’t ever feel the need or feel pressure to tweak and nip and tuck. He grows more attractive to me with each passing year; I think he’s going to be a beautiful older man, quite distinguished in looks.

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  1. Oh Angie, I agree with every word in this post! I too hope RA’ll never ‘nip and tuck’ anything. He looks real, human and gorgeous just the way he is. Look where all that nipping and tucking and messing got Mickey ROurke who was an amazingly beautiful man back in his heyday. Sad, really! Btw, that Porter picture is breathtaking!!!

    • Mickey Rourke just looks so sad to me today. I know the way a person lives their life can take a toll on their appearance–drinking, drug abuse, and so forth– and they may feel the need to rejuvenate things, but my gosh, you can end up looking like some sort of alien. Yeah, that Porter pic is one of my favorites. I love the expression on his face. *sigh*

      • I know MR was nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Wrestler, but I was wondering how mobile his face is? How any actor give an Oscar-worthy performance without having a full array of facial expressions at his disposal? Maybe I should watch this movie to find out..

        • I haven’t seen the film either, but maybe he was able to compensate with voice/body language? I do think an inexpressive face is simply a detriment to an actor’s performance.

  2. Yes, he is breathtaking, crow’s feet, crinkles, and all. Like you, I know they air-brush those studio shots routinely, but also like you, I love seeing the marks his character has made on his face. I think of them as well-earned merit badges. No, no surgical messing about, please and thank you, not unless it’s truly necessary (as it can be for us pallid types). Gorgeous images…

  3. I LOVE the top photo. I can see not only Richard’s beauty lines around his eyes but his pores too. I also love his bushy eyebrows. I swear if Richard had a piece of snot hanging from his nose he would still look handsome and sexy. Looking at that top picture I want to kiss him Eskimo style. That nose is a BEAUTY.

    • “Kiss him Eskimo style”! Sounds good! 🙂 I also rather like the idea of doing it the Maori way – with forehead touching forehead. That way you could look right into those amazing eyes up close AND hopefully touch nose to nose at the same time! 😉 *bliss*

    • I remember him saying that at 13 he was a gangly 6ft 2er with a nose he hadn’t grown into. I’d venture as far as to say he’s grown into it rather spectacularly.

  4. I had to Google MR to see what you all are talking about and you are right. The man looks a fright now. What a shame. His lips reminds me of Melanie Griffith’s lips. Melanie messed up her lips trying to make them larger.

      • Meg Ryan did the same thing re the lips and I think she also had facial fillers. I haven’t seen her recently, but there was a point at which she looked like the Joker when she smiled. It’s sad to see someone who was so cute feel the need for that. Angelina Jolie didn’t start out with the lips she now has. She actually had her lower lip decreased in size and apparently had an implant put into her upper lip to balance the lips out. If you look at photos of her from earlier in her modeling career you will see the difference. She has actually had a number of cosmetic procedures–cheeks, nose and lips– but whoever did the work did an outstanding job, I have to give them credit. Most of the work we see is much more obvious and much less attractive. So many women end up completely destroying the Cupid’s bow of their upper lip. God didn’t intend lips to look like that IMHO.

        • I have to wonder what all that “work” does to the nerve endings and the tiny blood vessels in the face. We really depend on them for so much and it seems a shame to mess with them when it’s not absolutely necessary. I know two people who have had surgery for melanoma on their faces, and yes, they notice the missing sensation, even though the area is not large.

        • Wow. I didn’t realize Angelina Jolie has had “work” done. So it does look good on some people then..Maybe the secret is not to overdo it. To know when to stop.

          • And that’s really the way it should be–people shouldn’t be able to look at you and immediately go “Oh, that’s a nose job” or “she’s had a face lift.” What I don’t understand are celebrities who should be able to have access to and afford a top-notch plastic surgeon and yet they seem to hire these quacks. And then you have the doctors who should say “No, I am not going to do another procedure on you” and they just keep on taking the patients’ money. Some people have that mental condition where they are so unhappy with their appearance and feel the need to constantly tinker with it. And sadly they don’t know when to stop. If a physician recognizes a patient has a problem, it seems downright unethical for them to perform surgery.

            • Sometimes I think that when a plastic surgeon sees this kind of patient, there should be a referral to a psychiatrist before any surgery, as there is for certain other types of surgery.

          • Yes, Mickey Rourke’s face was messed up by one of these ‘quacks’ apparently. Just goes to show, being rich and having common sense don’t go hand in hand…

  5. Completely breathtaking – in each and every one of these. I also think he looks particularly gorgeous in the Comic Con one too. It left me spell-bound the first time I saw it and that hasn’t diminished. Like all of you, I hope he never feels the need to try to hide these wonderful laugh-lines. To me they just enhance the beauty of his eyes. It’s fine if the make-up people have to “touch him up”, as it were, when he is acting, but when he isn’t, we just want to see him as he really is. His magnetism seems to increase as each year passes.

  6. Unsurprisingly,he’s getting older beautifully. I mean due to his cheerful and serene disposition there is no other possibility.:)

  7. I second what everyone says. I’d rather call crow’s feet smile or laughter lines, especially now I have so many of them myself! Richard’s do seem to indicate that he is a man who finds a lot to enjoy in life. I adore his crinkles.

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