T’was a dark & stormy night . . . and day


It’s just after noon here and I have to have my bedside lamp switched on or else I’d be sitting in the dark. I should be grateful we’ve got electricity. It’s been one storm after another since shortly after I put up my final post last night, some bringing high winds, torrential downpours and fierce lightning. Not restful weather.

Thankfully, no tornadoes in our immediate vicinity or lightning strikes on our house. The storms are likely not over, but for the time being the internet is working and I am going to try to get something accomplished. 

After that kind of night, it hasn’t exactly been a productive day.  Poor Benny had to go to work after an equally sleepless night. I know he’ll be exhausted by the time he gets home. 

With flash flood watches out, I had to call him and make sure he thought he’d be able to get back safely as Highway 50 often floods in low-lying areas. I am my mother’s daughter, and Mama was a worrywart.  He assured me he was certain the Jeep would be able to make it fine if he goes “the long way ’round.” I feel better now.

It’s a grey day, but I am in a blue mood–at least in terms of artwork.









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  1. Your “blue period” is stunning. I sure hope that Bemmy gets home safely and the weather gives you some peace. At least the new generator is in place just in case.

    • Thanks. Mr. A looks good in blue–as do his characters. It looks like maybe it’s moved out for the afternoon, at least. More chance of storms tonight and tomorrow but hoping the worst has passed us over.

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