Tweedle-ti-dee, tweedle-ti-dum . . .


Look out, baby, ’cause here Thorin comes!

I have to confess my crush on Uncle Thorin seems to increase daily. OK maybe he’s grumpy and gruff and a bit paranoid. Nobody’s perfect.

But my word– the King Under the Mountain is–HOT.

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  1. We really should have known that Thorin would HOT, shouldn’t we?
    No Elephant man role for our boy! And no hiding those baby blues and not to mention his voice, plenty of thud moments ahead ladies. ♥

    • Yeah, we really should have known. He truly rocks the costume and that flowing mane of hair, the braids are fetching, the grey streaks so becoming, the baby blues still mesmerize and yes–that voice. Thorin is one foxy dwarf. *thud*

      • I’m thinking there are going to be lots of people – women AND men – who will be more than a little excited by the time December rolls around. You can already feel it building! One look at those eyes can do it! 😀 Do you think they should have seat-belts installed in the theatres?? 😉 I’m sure quite a number of us will have a hard time sitting still!! 🙂

      • I think I’ve only been to the cinema once this year, there’s been nothing on that’s really interested me. The other week I went to see “The Sapphires” which was a lovely little Australian film about an Aboriginal girl group who toured Vietnam during the war, based on a true story. I really enjoyed it, but I did come out feeling a bit deflated because I had my hopes up that TH trailer would make an appearance, and it didn’t happen for me either, so I know how you feel! 😦

        • The Sapphires sounds like something I’d like to watch, Mezz. There is something about films based on true stories that appeal to me. A girl-friend and I went to see “Hope Springs” recently and really enjoyed it. It seems to appeal to all ages as my 20 year old granddaughter went to see it with her boyfriend and loved it. He is a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones anyway.

          • I think it would be Teuchter. It did very well at Cannes and the American Film Festival (title?) It’s one of those sweet little movies that ticks all the boxes – solid cast, great music, romance, angst and humour. Chris O’Dowd from in it, and he was very good. The trailer for Hope Springs was shown, and although I’m not a Tommy Lee Jones fan, he does seem to play against type in this, and I like Meryl Streep.
            Actually, IIRC there was another movie with the same title starring Colin Firth,

        • We rarely go. Movie tickets are so expensive it’s got to be something we are really interested in seeing. Some of the types of films I would want to see just don’t make it here, I have to wait until they pop up on satellite or get it through Netflix. I bet between RA fans, other cast members’ fans and Tolkien fans– there are a lot of us who go to the theaters these days hoping the same thing re the trailer. *sigh*

              • That’s the thing–there are so many that, as Benny would say, you just don’t want to pay good money to see as in forking out $8 or $9 a ticket to go to the theater. I love the big screen experience, but preferably with a movie I really want to see. Preferably a movie I really want to see with a really hot, talented, sexy and sweet man in the starring role. 😉

              • Exactly! Cinema tickets are so expensive these days, especially for 3D films. I’ve watched 2 films in 3D now and I still can’t see what’s all the fuss about. I didn’t feel as if I was ‘inside’ the film so to speak. Good job too as I would not have wanted to be ‘inside’ Prometheus what with all those slimey creatures bursting out of people left right and centre!

              • IIRC Sir Peter made the comment at some point that 3D in 48fps means that you are drawn into the picture, rather than having it come out at you, as happens in ordinary 3D. Then again, I’ve never seen 3D, and I could be completely wrong!

              • I’ve seen quite a number of 3D movies now and enjoyed them so I’m hoping that there will be theatres in my area which will have the technology in place in time to show TH in the 48fps format. The idea that we will be drawn into the movie rather than it reach out to us appeals to me for some reason. 🙂

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