Lazy day chez fedoralady


Feeling a bit the worse for wear today after spending most of the day yesterday coughing and hacking. in what I think was an allergy attack/acid reflux. So I am very lazy this Thursday.  I’ve got the air conditioner on again–the sultry summer weather is making something of a comeback.

Yesterday was nice, however, and Sir Guy got out and had a romp with Elvis and Rascal. He  ended up thoroughly rumpled, sweaty and strewn with leaves and twigs. He looked glorious.

Imagine him after the rumble with Robin in Sherwood Forest, only with a big, silly smile on his gorgeous face.  There’s a 10-year-old boy inside that big manly frame, I do believe. But I suspect there is such a boy inside every grown man. I know there is inside mine. And those little boys need chances to come out and play.

Anyway, I hope your Thursday is going well.  More Thorin/Hobbit stuff today and Guyday Friday coming up tomorrow!

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  1. He was terrific in that “Sherwood Forest” fight sequence, wasn’t he! 🙂 How come he still manages to look stunning even when he’s muddied, sweaty and disheveled? 😉

  2. So true. 😉 *sigh*

    I sure hope you’ll soon feel better. I think the weather we’re having here at the moment would be like a tonic to you! Beautiful blue cloudless skies; pretty warm with temperatures around 28/29 degrees C with only 34% humidity and a lovely refreshing breeze so that you want to gulp in big lungfuls of air! I sat out at the back of the house with the dog for a while but both he (a black lab) and I found the sun still had the potential to burn so headed back inside! 🙂

  3. That image of Thorin with Kili and Fili is captivating! I have a feeling it’s going to end up physically attached to a wall in my office. Along with a few others … *sigh*

    Thanks, Angie! Hope you’re feeling better!

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