No, I can’t get you out of my head . . .


We need to have our satellite dish adjusted, a project Benny will take on later. Those 25 mph winds we experienced recently knocked the little dish just enough askew that the signal goes in and out at an annoying high frequency. I bring this up because whenever it does go out for a prolonged period of time, I have a tendency to click the DVR button. And in my recordings, I go to “Nothing But Trailers” and a two-minute recording I have there.

And with the Surround Sound on I watch The Hobbit trailer and enjoy the sight and sound of Richard Armitage as Thorin. Sitting majestically astride his “pony,” smoking his pipe in a deeply pensive mood and leading the dwarfs in the Misty Mountain song at Bilbo’s house; the close up showing those ever-expressive eyes, wide and somber and beautiful, fringed in those lovely long lashes,  as he speaks with Gandalf. Oh, those deep, dulcet tones.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it, but I never seem to grow tired of it. I find myself singing that song to myself quite a lot. There’s such a lovely haunting quality to it.

I hope we get many more dwarf tunes through the course of the three movies, including a raucous drinking song sung by a lot of dirty, filthy, sweaty, naughty raucous dwarfs who like to party hard.  That would be SWELL.

BTW those autumnal colors really do suit our warrior dwarf, don’t they?

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  1. I sure can’t get him out of MY head and can’t say I want to!! 😉 I too find myself singing the Misty Mountain song so I guess it’s also stuck there! 😀

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