More Monet: Hot Pink & Blue






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  1. One of my favorite moments is on one of the Monet outtakes where Richard is giggling about something! I’ve worn that video out.

  2. Where can one see this outtake of a giggling RA (or Monet)? Richard’s characters don’t smile, grin, giggle, laugh, half enough to suit me. In fact, after first becoming acquainted with him in N&S, I said to myself, “Does this man never let go and really smile? What would he look like laughing?”. This led me to search the internet for his other work, and especially candid interview videos, where he does smile, enchantingly.

    I also take serious exception to his own statement that his facial structure gives him a mean look that makes him better suited to playing bad guys. No. His facial structure and voice, his intelligence, sensitivity, acting ability and work ethic make him well suited for playing all sorts roles, not just duplicitus baddies or shoot-em-up action stuff. I can’t wait to see The Hobbit and Black Sky. I do think he’s sure to get many good offers after these films reach the wider audience that he deserves.

      • Thanks very much for posting this video which I somehow missed on YouTube. I am amazed by your speedy response with the actual video, not just a reference, and with the good will of the RA community in general.

        The video does indeed record a rare and precious moment where all these actors are losing it, and this younger RA makes me realize and appreciate how, with a little more age, he has beautifully grown into his nose!

    • Lynne, I first saw him in RH as Guy, who, of course, sneered, smirked and smouldered but rarely really, truly smiled. After that, I saw N&S and Sparkhouse. Great performances in great productions but not a lot of laughs. So when I watched him as Monet and we saw some of those lovely smiles and grins, it was as if the room lit up brightly. And then the delight of VoD and the sunny Harry Kennedy and the belly laughs we saw in the behind-the-scenes features.

      I think Richard’s bone structure and incredibly mobile features coupled with his intelligence, sensitivity and sheer talent indeed do, indeed, lend themselves to him being able to play a variety of roles effectively, from stoic soldier to sunny accountant to sober Victorian mill owner to cerebral and enigmatic spy to sexy “evil henchman” and now brave warrior dwarf and teacher/concerned dad. He can play hero AND villain equally well.

  3. I love the raw sex appeal of Porter, Lucas and Guy, (among other things!) but when I need some sunshine, Harry and Monet have it in spades, with all those gorgeous smiles, and, of course, the giggles and the laughter in the behind-the-scenes shots. I’m hoping there’s lots in the outtakes for TH – we’ve already seen signs of it in Richard’s fish-throwing in the last vlog – and Black Sky. And all those lovely interviews to come too, once TH pre-release publicity ramps up. 😀

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