I’m liking wet Gary


But of course, I have always liked Richard’s characters on the damp side. Wet Ian, wet Lee, wet Guy, wet Lucas, wet Porter, and we’ll get wet Thorin (although that likely won’t be until the second film, alas). And now Black Sky offers us rain-drenched Gary. Happy happy, joy, joy. 

 Todd Garner released the photo on Twitter and Frenzy shared.  Thanks, Frenz and Todd. Mr. Garner, who knows an avid fanbase when he sees it, also answered Gratiana’s question about Richard’s character’s name. Some people don’t seem too thrilled with Gary, but hey–at least it ISN’T John.  Actually, it makes me think of the late, great film star Gary Cooper, another tall, blue-eyed hunk. And Coop frequently played cowboys, and Oklahoma is kinda sorta cowboy territory, so—

Hope that is a waterproof watch.

So, what are your thoughts on Wet Gary, Okie Teacher Dude?

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    • Ditto that! You couldn’t have said it better 🙂 Incidentally, doesn’t look as if they had to spend too much on his wardrobe in this film…

      • He looks utterly gorgeous — jaw-dropping, deer-in-the-headlights, *guh* — wet or dry. Gary works for me, too. It’s a popular name in the Midwest U.S., as are Dennis and Michael. I don’t associate Gary with Gary Cooper, though; couldn’t tell you why…

        • Yeah, it’s a fairly common name here. know Gaz is used as a nickname for Gary in Britain, but I have never really heard it used here in the US, and I know/have known several Garys. It’s a short name, anyway, so it’s usually just Gary or maybe Gar. We have a good friend who is on the police force here, originally from the Midwest, and his mother named him after Gary Cooper. The only problem is she spelled it with two “r”s. So I think of that Garry, too. Great guy. 😉

  1. He is beautiful, and he looks so young! It’s sweet John Standring again! 😀 And although he’s clean shaven and basically styled the same way as Porter and Lucas, he looks completely different. His expression is different. I hope I make myself clear, because ever since that picture appeared I have not quite been myself, LOL. Ever since I saw him as Lucas in 7.6 with poor Dean, I’ve wanted him to play a teacher. So, this is a dream come true for me. 🙂

    Oh, and the hole in his trousers is sexy 😉

    • That’s funny, I thought of John Strandring, too. And yes, he still somehow manages to create a new character “look” without benefit of special costume or prosthetics . . . that man really has a special talent. I have also wanted him to play a teacher and it’s a bonus for me he is also playing a parent again. I so loved him in the scenes with Lexie in SB.

      We do love those little peeks at his flesh, don’t we? 😉

  2. Such a teacher is quarantee of good academic results in the female part of class.
    Actually, I took part in some student contests 🙂 with mediocre results 😉

    • I don’t have a problem with it myself–as I said, I think of the actor Gary Cooper who was a gorgeous man– but I’ve seen several people who did. I mentioned this minor brouhaha to Benny and he said, “Gee, just how many 12-year-old girls do you have in the fandom?” LOL He thought that quibbling over the name of the character was kind of–juvenile. 😉

      • Robert Carlyle’s character is called Gary in “The Full Monty” and his mates call him “Gaz”! 🙂 Ha! Rejoice it’s not John, and hope it’s a good script and that the film will turn out OK. That’s all I care about really.

        • Yeah Judit, I quite agree. Gary is ok for our georgeous man, isn’t it? By all means I’m sure he’s trying to give us an all over convincing and loveable Gary. The script and the whole film is also really more my concern, as in press releases they mainly still mention John Swetnam as writer and not Simon Beaufoy, whom we thought sounded more promising…
          See, being so entranced by his sight and his hand (!) I haven’t even noticed the hole in the pants! LOL

            • It’s a whole different thing with Germany. I’m really no expert on disaster movies, as I haven’t seen any of them. My impression is, besides a film offers big names and a wellknown director, like Roland Emmerichs’ „Day after tomorrow“ which was also a big success here, this genre overall is not so wildly popular as it is in the US. Anyway quite a lot of films, that probably had been shown on big screens in the US and UK, go with a slight delay directly to the DVD market in Germany. Hopefully by the time they’ve finished „Black Sky“ and start to advertise and try to sell it abroad, RA is already a better known name here in Germany, which would be of great help!! (I’ve no idea about Hungary?)

              • I would be greatly surprised if they don’t wait until after TH release before they release Black Sky to theaters in order to capitalize on RA’s big role in Thorin. And after all, even if shooting wraps later this month, they still have to actually do the editing, Foley, music and all else involved in completing the movie.

        • Keeping fingers crossed. Yes, this really would have been one John too many. Actually, Bateman was the John that left such a sour taste in my mouth. 😦 Perhaps time to retire that screen name.

    • How come we don’t have any teachers in my district that look this good! Richard has made this guy his own. He’s so talented! And he is the most gorgeous wet man ever!!!

      • I’ve loved every character of his wet. It would suit me if he got wet in every film, but in benign way, such as a nice soak in a tub or a steamy shower. 😉 Instead of being tortured or stuck in the middle of a tornado.

        • Agzym has him in a claw-foot tub full of bubbles, complete with rubber duckie. As I commented, lose the duckie, take off the watch, and mmmm… There’s a reason fanfic writers so frequently get him wet.

      • No? I can imagine him teaching math and science, especially anatomy and physiology. It’s a bit of a stretch for me to imagine him as a physical education (sports) instructor, but I can see it if I try. Classics is another stretch, although if I had been in his Latin class, I would have been drooling my way to an A. Can you imagine him teaching French? Be still my heart.

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