Richard Armitage is poetry


Richard Armitage is poetry. He is poetry in his stillness, and in motion. He is poetry aloud and in the moments of silence. He is poetry in the laughter and the pain, the joy and the sorrow. He is poetry in his humanity, in all its flawed beauty, its imperfect perfection.

His characters become flesh and blood and bone to me. I see through their eyes, through his eyes, and journey with them. And even when they behave in disappointing and even abhorrent ways I cannot wholly condemn them.  Because I am human, too, and full of my own foibles and failings.  

I rejoice with them in those happy moments.  I grieve when their end comes. They have become friends, allies, fellow travelers on this fascinating and difficult and unpredictable journey. It is so hard for me to say goodbye that I simply have to Love them into Being.

The artistry of Richard Armitage touches my heart, my mind and my soul. Yes, he is a physically gorgeous man,  and I gladly celebrate all that distinctive masculine beauty.

 But were it not for the poetry I see within him, in the way he moves and speaks and simply is; were it not for the intelligence, the sensitivity, the humor, the intensity, the tenderness that I see in his face, his eyes, his smile, his hands, his being, all that outward beauty would be nothing but an empty shell.  Pretty to look at but ultimately forgettable.

For me, he is unforgettable.  He makes me more fully realize what it means to be human. To be humane.

Richard Armitage is poetry . . .

Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet

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  1. Amen Angie! So beautifully put! I became quite emotional as I read it. You couldn’t have chosen better pictures to illustrate it all.

    • Thanks, Teuchter. I wanted to show that imperfect perfection in the characters and the depth of emotion he can convey–thus “evil henchman’s” Guy’s regal ride before returning to Marian’s side and certain death, charismatic con man Mulligan and his bravado at the jail and our hero Porter and the joy he felt holding his daughter again.

  2. Lovely…thank you for putting into words how so many of us feel about his skill in making characters in a movie or tv show multidimensional! We grow to love these characters because he has worked so hard to make them real!!

  3. Richard is the first man in my life, who is poetry for me in various ways! Maybe that has to do with being more grown up now (you know..) ??
    Thanks Angie for putting it in your wonderful words. Reading this today moves me to tears..

    • I think I do know what you mean, linda60. I think as we mature we are better able to appreciate all that Richard “brings to the table.” We look beyond the superficial to all the good things inside. I am glad you liked it. 😀

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