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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Ahh the “poppy” interview..my favourite. He was positively glowing that morning, it made me wonder what had he been up to the night before? ๐Ÿ˜€ He looked replenished (not sure that’s the right word?) with happiness hormones!:) I hope he didn’t see the caption they put on screen though (hunky heartthrob RA).. THAT would have made him cringe,the poor darling.

  2. It was such a happy time, back then, when Richard started in Spooks. He was enthusiastic, charming, thoughtful, and he cared so much for his character. Who’d have thought what TPTB would do to wonderful, lovely, sensitive, damaged Lucas?

    • Too true. I can’t forgive TPTB what they did to him. Normally, I’m a compassionate person, but that puts me into a growling, snarling APM that would make their bits wither.

    • I know. I remember how excited I was for him to have that opportunity, to be playing such a cerebral and enigmatic character, quite different from Guy and other earlier roles, and I so very much enjoyed Spooks 7. I have a pang in my heart when I look at Lucas, knowing what I do now.

  3. I loved that revenge, I did. Last night, though, I dreamt the Guy used his magic sword and slew a certain creep called Christian. I told him I didn’t think you’d mind, as long as we cleaned up the mess.

    • LOL! I totally don’t mind. Sir Guy, you are my Dark Knight Extraordinaire!! I saw a Tweet yesterday saying that Henry Cavill might be in line for the CG role and they were all excited at the prospect. *rolls eyes* OK, he is handsome enough for the role, unlike (sorry, RPatz fans) Robert Pattinson, but if he’s smart–just say no, Henry, stick with being Superman.

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