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Lucas + water = yummmmmm


Whilst I frequently was unhappy with the Spooks writers in 8 and certainly in 9, there were times when I said, “thank you.” The swimming pool punch up with Robinov *snicker* was one of those moments.  My gosh, but the curves on that man and in all the right places. *thud*

Can’t Keep Calm!



@RAFrenzy It’s all here (in reverse chronological order) – http://playazindaback.tumblr.com/tagged/say-nice-things-about-detroit

I follow our friend AwkCeleb on Twitter and she tweeted a link to her final fifth out of a planned seven Tumblr posts re her encounter with RA in Michigan, complete with photos and cartoons. All the entries are posted in reverse chronological order there.  Check it out–funny and sweet and it  re-affirms why we like that man so gosh darn much.

This is actually a photo from RALover’s encounter with Rich, but I love it so much I decided to post it again here.

Awkardceleb with her cool sign and Richard.

The temp is on the rise, methinks.


Quite possibly my favorite erotic fantasy/dream sequence ever on screen. So much to love here.  Two beautiful, sexy people set on full smoulder. Mr. A playing the ardent lover oh, so well. That swan-like neck, the bared shoulders.  The urgency. *thud*