The temp is on the rise, methinks.


Quite possibly my favorite erotic fantasy/dream sequence ever on screen. So much to love here.  Two beautiful, sexy people set on full smoulder. Mr. A playing the ardent lover oh, so well. That swan-like neck, the bared shoulders.  The urgency. *thud*

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    • I think the fact it’s on a desk (table?) in an office and they are only half-undressed makes it sexier than if they were naked in bed together, you know what I mean? Not that I object to seeing Mr. Armitage naked and in bed. 😉 With or without a white sock. Preferably without. LOL

      • Yes, the allure of the implicitly forbidden, ever so sexy — the must-have-you-now urgency is a turn-on. Yet RA naked (without sock!) in bed is a toe-curling, lip-swelling, tingling, OMG kind of vision.

        • I so wish Richard had had a different partner in the intimate Spooks sequences with Sarah Caulfield. Someone like Shelley with whom there was actual chemistry. I mean, the manufactured chemistry thing has to go both ways. He was doing his best, but— *sigh* It could have had so much more sizzle. Lucas was so beautiful against those midnight blue sheets. I wish the Caulfield role had been cast, written and directed differently. Alas, they didn’t ask me. . .

          • I wish they had asked you. How big a bribe would you have taken to let me audition? Seriously, there are actresses who (1) could have played Sarah Caulfield really well, in spite of the writers, (2) would have had chemistry with Richard, and (3) would have worked for Spooks-level salary, rather than a few million & perks. You’d need someone who could do a good poker face, while letting all those inconvenient emotions show when needed, and someone capable of showing a few degrees above 0 Kelvin.

            • I keep wondering if GOR was related to someone or had some dirt of somebody because I have difficulty believing they couldn’t have found someone more suited to this particular role. She just wasn’t–right–and they did no favors with the way she was dressed and made up, and so forth. I kept thinking they had envisioned a cool Hitchockian blonde–a bit of an ice princess on the surface, but capable of passion and volatility beneath that serene surface. Instead, we just got a cold fish with an unbelievable accent. Bad casting call. And this isn’t an attack on GOR for anyone thinking I am ripping her acting abilities, I understand she’s done well in other roles. But this wasn’t the role for her.

      • LOL, about the white sock. I absolutely get where you are coming from. There is something of the forbidden in this scene. They shouldn’t be doing it, they could get caught (yes, I know it is a dream sequence, but still) and those aspects make it all the more compelling.

  1. Angie, those pics never exuded more eroticism (for me) than they do in your today’s handling/treatment!! uuufffff…… Breathtaking!! He looks so indescribably sexy!!

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