It’s almost Friday, which means Guyday here–and I have some goodies set aside for all of you Guy lovers to enjoy tomorrow.  He’s already extending an invitation to you all:

It’s been kind of an odd week here chez fedoralady. Weather-wise, it’s been glorious–highs in the low 80s with clear skies and relatively low humidity, dropping off into the low 60s, even into the 50s, at night; balmy weather allowing us to take a break from running the A/C.  It’s warming back up–as I have said, summer can arrive early and stick around late here in LA–but I’ve enjoyed this taste of autumn with nights cool enough to snuggle beneath the covers.

However,  as expected, it’s been taking a toll on my sinuses/allergies. I have woken up  completely stopped up on one side of my head, off and on coughing and sneezing, and weepy, itchy, gloopy eyes.  Remember I said I had a love/hate relationship with the seasonal changes in spring and fall? This is why.  So I am a bit more tired than usual this week and energy is always a precious commodity for me.

This week also marked the 1,000th post on my blog. I have appreciated all the lovely, sweet, funny comments left at that post so very much. I think they came at a time I really needed them. A few days ago I had the one-year anniversary of losing my job. I just had to file a claim for a new benefit year with the unemployment office. I don’t know what the future holds for me in terms of employment. In twelve days I will turn another year older.

Let’s say I have bittersweet feelings right now.

Poor Benny had an awful dream night before last “and the worst night’s sleep I have had in a while.” He dreamed we were living in a different house and had a bunch of calico kittens. Only they kept falling through a hole in the floor of this house and rattlesnakes were killing the kitties. He was trying desperately to save them but to no avail.  My husband is a strong man who’s not afraid to be gentle and I could tell this hurt his heart.

Of course, we have a good idea why he had such a dream–we’ve had all these rattlers this summer, we have lost two of our  four cats in a span of six months, and we are a bit anxious about the health of our remaining cats, one of whom is our beloved calico Callie.  We were talking about a small donation we’d made to help combat feline cancer, which took the life of his brother’s own lovely Callie Cat–and we both ended up with tears in our eyes.  And then we laughed through our tears, because we are a pair of sentimental saps, and we love each other for it.

He’s such a good, good man.  I am quite fond of good men with humor and heart and intelligence and a naughty side.

Both of these men have an amazing capacity to cheer me up when I am down and make me laugh when no one and nothing else can. I am very blessed, whatever the future may hold.

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  1. It has been a very tough and bittersweet year for you, I know. I am so glad you have Benny to help you see it through, and so glad you have Richard to cheer you. Thank you for TAE, always. And I pray that the coming year is so much better.

    P.S. What’s happening with the comment formatting? Looks a lot different.

  2. I haven’t done anything to change the formatting on my end. Perhaps the vagaries of WP?? Guy’s pic disappeared and i had to reinsert it (God forbid I’d left him out!!) And thank you for all your friendship and support. It means a great, great deal to me. 😀

  3. I admire first your artistic sensibility but now I admire your strenght! Hope very much you get all the peace you deserve and that the next year keep bringing everything you need! thanks for TAE… 😀

  4. In the few months that I have known you, you have connected me to so much good stuff–videos, pictures, songs, people, ideas, current events and culture, our wonderful muse of course, and on and on. One thing that you or one of your respondents says will set me off on an entirely new way of thinking about something. And you give links to other info and bloggers. And laughs! If laughter is the best medicine, you are an amazing physician! How many times your posts have pulled me out of the doldrums and left me in stitches–when I least expected it.

    So here is a song for you to celebrate your upcoming birthday. I wish I could send you the music or make YOU a birthday video, but my computer skills are not up to it. I am able to type, and you can probably find the music easily yourself. The artist is Deborah Hanson-Conant, from her CD alter ego, she composes, sings, and plays jazz harp.

    CONGRATULATIONS, YOU MADE IT THIS FAR. (the birthday song)

    Congratulations, you made it this far
    Congratulations for everything you are
    When you think you’re nowhere doin’ nothin’
    But to me you are a shining star
    Congratulations, you’ve made it this far!

    They say that sadness and pain, it makes you a little bit deeper
    They say that love and kindness will lighten up your load
    They say every mistake you make makes you a little bit wiser.
    I say
    Congratulations, you made it this far

    Well, there are times when you give up
    And there’s gonna be times when you give in
    There are times when losing is the only way to win
    There are times when troubles come banging on your door
    But let me tell you, honey, there’s a whole lot more

    There’s human kindness just walking down the street
    And there’s a little bit of greatness in everyone you meet
    And there’s a world of wonder in who you are
    Congratulations, you made it this far!


    Now, when your birthday comes around, and you wish that it didn’t
    And all your friends, you know, your friends they’re coming up to you,
    And they say
    “Oh, you’re not getting older, you’re getting better!”
    And you know that no matter how much better you get…..
    You’re still getting older…..
    And it happens to everyone.
    You wake up one morning, on your birthday morning…..
    And you just wish it would go away.
    Well, here’s what you do when that birthday morning happens to you
    You just march right into the bathroom and shut the door
    And look into the mirror. Don’t be afraid
    Just look into the mirror and look deep into your own eyes
    Because those eyes, well, those eyes may be in an older face
    But those eyes….those eyes are still the eyes of a child
    And that child has been with you from the very first day
    And that child, that child has been with you every single step of the way
    And that child needs to hear you say something
    That child needs to hear you say

    Congratulations, you made it this far
    Congratulations for everything you are
    And when you think you’re nowhere doing nothing,
    To me you are a shining star!
    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

  5. This has certainly been a trying year for you to put it mildly! Yet your courage and “stickability” shine through. Isn’t it wonderful that you have such a great husband who loves you and encourages you in all you do. Many a man would not be so understanding! 😉 You give us so much pleasure and so many laughs through your blog and videos. God bless you my dear and may this next year be much better than you can imagine. Hugs!

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