Buttered pecan and Guy: a great combination


“Is it my day yet?”

She looks up from her laptop. “Darling, you can tell time now that you are SND. What do you think?”

A furrowed brow. “Hmmmm. Judging by that clock by the bed–it is not.”

“That’s right. We have several hours to go.”  She gives him a sidelong glance, a smile playing about her lips. “Of course, there is the possibility that I shall post a little early.”

A pair of kohl-rimmed blue eyes brighten as he tilts his dark head to one side. “Really?”

She shakes her blonde head and expels a soft sigh. “It’s not as if I haven’t done it before, you big lug.”

A smirk and a raised brow. “Chiding me affectionately again, are you, my lady?”

A shrug of her shoulders. “I have to tease you, Sir Guy. You are so–teasable, dearest dark knight. Friends do tease one another, after all.”

It is Sir Guy who sighs this time, rubbing the bridge of his aquiline nose. “I suppose I am still getting used to having–friends. People who like–me and aren’t just–using me for their own ends.” His voice is a bit gruff.

“Oh, Guy.” Ladywriter says softly and reaches out her hand to him. Clasping his broad hand in her smaller one, she presses a kiss to the back of it. “You have ever so many friends who adore you now, including a certain SND cat.” She frowned a little and glanced around the room. “Speaking of–”
Sir Guy drawls: “Oh, Puddie is catching up on her beauty sleep. I told her she was quite beautiful enough but she insisted.” He returns the favor and presses his lips (always so very soft) to LW’s hand for a kiss.

Ladywriter smiles, “Ever the diva, our Puddie.” She turns back to her computer. “I need to finish this up. Don’t suppose you’d be interested in bringing me a bowl of buttered pecan ice cream?” Ladywriter queries n a casual tone, keeping her eyes on the computer screen.

“Blue Bell?”

“Uhmmmm-hmmmm.” She cuts him another quick glance. “Get yourself a bowl whilst you are at it, of course. It’s quite delicious.”

“I’ll be back in–what is it you say?–a jiffy!” For such a large man he really can move amazingly fast.  Such is the enduring allure of Blue Bell ice cream . . . and of the quite yummy SND knight who craves it.

Ladywriter is feeling as if she might fall asleep earlier tonight, although it may just be wishful thinking. She is certainly yawning very enthusiastically.  Wherever you are, whatever time of day or day it may be, Happy Guyday Friday, my dears.

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  1. Happy Guyday Friday! May you rest well and have lovely dreams. I know I’ll be daydreaming about Guy and buttered pecan ice cream, thanks to you. Mmmmm. Adding warm chocolate sauce now…

    • Been checked for Pylori bacter? It’s the bug that causes ulcers; a quick course of antibiotics can fix it and save you much grief. Or if there’s pain (not “discomfort” but real pain), you might be looking at a gall bladder problem. Indigestion for a few days is one thing; for weeks, this is something else.

      • Haven’t been checked specifically for that but a couple of weeks after I started experiencing symptoms the GP put me on “Normix” which is an antibiotic developed for treating gastro-intestinal infections. I just checked, it’s supposed to be good for killing the Pylori bacter too.. Hmm can’t say it improved the situation very much.:(

        • For gall bladder, the classic profile is the “five Fs: female, fair, forty, fat, and flatulent,” but not everyone fits the profile. “Digestive insufficiency” can also characterize appendicitus. Then there are resistant forms of gastroenteritus, e.g., C. dificil. Don’t just give up on treating this. We need you well.

          • LOL good grief, that gall bladder profile fit me to a “T”! I honestly thought the pain was related to my FMS, but the pain management specialist i was seeing at the time wisely felt it was my gall bladder and advised me to see a doctor as quickly as possible for tests. Turns out not only did I have gall stones, but the lining of the bladder was very inflamed. after surgery, I had to wear a drainage bag for ten days instead of only two as originally planned but finally all that nasty bile was out and I felt a lot better. I have also had the pylori stuff and that’s no fun, either. Indeed, Judit, keep on until they figure out what’s up. Take care, my dear!!

          • Wow you guys are really scaring me now! 🙂 I’m not fair, and not particularly fat either (overweight-yes, but not obese!).. But my mum had her gall bladder removed in her late 40s. Can you inherit the predisposition for gall problems?

            • Some say yes, some say no. Those in my family were all fair and female, over 40. My paternal grandmother had problems; I had an attack followed by surgery (when I was about 10 kg overweight); and my daughter needed hers removed, but likely as a complication of taking a certain birth-control pill. The current surgical method is laparoscopic; my daughter was in the hospital for 26 hours and home from work for another four days (she has a very physical job). Before the 1990s, it was major surgery with a large incision and long recovery times.

            • Not sure about that. I don’t know of any other females in my family who have had to have their gall bladders removed. (gosh, I was the lucky one!) I had lost a lot of weight fairly rapidly and then regained some of it and it’s possible that had an effect on my GB. Oh, my surgeon–who actually made the whole surgical process quite entertaining beforehand using a cartoon booklet to explain it all–also gave me my gallstones as a keepsake. So I have my gallstones AND a big swath of that spun silk hair you referred to (my first real haircut at age 8) as souvenirs. 😉

              • At least the ultrasound test for gallstones is fast, non-invasive, and relatively low cost. I’d rather do that than be groaning and doubled over with pain for no sin worse than a dish of ice cream.

              • Oh, yes, the ultrasound was not bad at all, and frankly my gall bladder had reached the point it would have caused me a tremendous amount of grief if I hadn’t done something. My surgery was also done with the scopes so no big incision. I think back to my first sinus surgery in the 80s when they had to cut through the roof of my mouth to get to my sinuses and remove the cyst and shudder.

              • My mum was given her gallstones as a “souvenir” too after her surgery. Her surgery certainly wasn’t laparoscopic as she had the bladder removed in 1988..You’re right about the ultrasound!

              • In the U.S., gallstones are now classified as medical waste and patients don’t get to keep them anymore. My daughter’s was one singular huge one; I think her doctor published a paper on it.

    • Happy Guyday Friday to you, too! BTW Benny got his Popular Science mag yesterday–he subscribes to both PS and PM–and I saw the latest article on your son. Super!! I know you are very proud. 😀

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