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Lucas is beautiful in all his looks for me–lean, haunted Lucas fresh from prison; a Lucas whose diet has improved allowing him to fill out to more Guy-like proportions, and Lucas by way of Porter, complete with the even more bodacious biceps and bulging thighs, very sexy indeed.

There is, however, an undeniably ethereal quality to his face in S7; a countenance stripped of any cushion of fat, the elegant bones more accentuated, the eyes seeming to fill even more of his chiseled face.  With the lighting on the set, Lucas takes on a positively fey look that is quite unforgettable.

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  1. He does have a “not of this world” look, doesn’t he? There is compelling beauty, but something more, quite indefinable, as if he has knowledge of something inexpressible in normal terms. So evocative…

    • It’s as if all that Lucas had undergone–the torture, the deprivation, the loneliness–had allowed him a window into something that few of us have known or will ever know or understand. There’s a hint of world-weariness and of sadness in his eyes even when he smiles, I think. It catches at my heart. So extraordinary.

  2. I love reading and hearing what others have to say about Richard, so I now have a notebook in which I have written some of the more memorable quotes. For example Katie Swindon (a producer on Spooks) said, “. . . . he carries a mystery about him, just as a person . . . when you look at him you don’t know quite what is going on behind these eyes . . . . ” We know exactly what she means!

    Neil Cross, one of the Spooks writers said, “. . . wonderful thing about the guy that plays him (Lucas) is that it’s all in the eyes – he brings the entire tortured history of Lucas North directly to the screen . . . . he’s a remarkable presence.”

    There is indeed something “other worldly” about him which to me simply enhances his beauty. You will have gathered from all this that Lucas is one of my favourite RA chaRActers!! 😀

    • Thanks for these Teuchter, what a good idea keeping track of quotes such as these. I’m often on the hunt for just the right one that I know I heard or read somewhere and can never find again. What they said about Richard, well, let’s just say it’s a crying shame they weren’t with the show for S9. They were obviously smart, insightful people. Lucas is one of my favourite characters too. 🙂

  3. I absolutely adore S8&9 Lucas. The pictures in these posts have been beautiful, Angie. I’ve been doing a lot of gazing! There aren’t enough words to describe what Richard in this role does to me and how he makes me feel.

      • Oops, typo… I meant 7&8 Lucas! I’m rewatching these episodes.That and your gorgeous pics help ease the churning feeling in my gut and the images in my head that have stuck with me after seeing the entire ninth series again. *sigh* 😦

        • I guessed that is what you meant as I know you would have felt differently when watching S9. It is very hard to sit through it but I felt I owed it to Richard to see what he did with such a shocking character change and of course things went from bad to worse for Lucas as the series wore on. (I STILL can’t think of him as John) *shivers* Suffice it to say he was superb but my heart went out to him. It must have been really hard to ignore all the back story he had written about himself and all the copious notes he no doubt had written about Lucas’ character. On more than one occasion he has used the metaphor of “planting a garden” when he writes these notes and it must have felt as though someone had wiped out all his hard work with a powerful weedkiller. I still makes me very sad.

          • I know some people think it didn’t really matter to him, that he jumped at the chance of lots of juicy scenes to show off is acting skills for his final series. But I just don’t think THAT is what he had in mind or the way he would have chosen for Lucas to be written out of the show.

            Someone said we loved all the Johns and I thought, “Oh no we didn’t–not that last one, we didn’t love Mr. Bateman.” Of course, as far as I am concerned, Bateman did not exist. The whole thing was just a bad dream. Richard said he wanted Lucas to have an elegant death. That, my friends, was NOT it. Yeah, they poured on the weedkiller and plowed up the whole thing. 😦 Idiots.

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