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Guyday Friday: Feel the Heat


I believe it was Servetus who said that next to John Porter, Guy was probably the chaRActer who would exude the most heat (that was before Thorin, so it might be a tight race). Guy–hot-tempered, hot-blooded, a man of raw animal sexuality and drop-dead gorgeousness. Yep, he’s a hottie in every way.

Guyday Friday: Dirtttttty


Richard Armitage and his ChaRActers do have an amazing ability to look great not just when sleek and pristine (John Thornton in his formalwear, Richard on the red carpet, Guy at his vain peacock best), but also when dirty, wet, sweaty, bloody, disheveled and covered with the debris of the forest floor. Here are a few examples of our favorite dark knight looked dead sexy when dirtttyyyy.

I attempted to embed my “Richard Armitage: Oh So Dirtty” vid here from my old Angieklong channel at YT, but the “Slow Hand” vid kept showing up instead. ??? Hey, it is also a good vid, just doesn’t work with this theme as well. Anyway, if you feel so inspired to view, go to http://www.youtube.com/user/angieklong and check it out. It was made as a request by Grati. 😉

Guyday Friday: Hard for a Henchman


Poor Guy. As the designated evil henchman on a family-friendly show, he was bound to be thwarted again and again. Literally and figuratively, he kept getting knocked down (and tied up! And gagged and caged–wait, what about all that “family-friendly” stuff? oh well, never mind), Yet he kept getting up again, bringing us those sneers, smirks, snarls and delicious smouldering stares.  Sometimes, it’s hard out there for a henchman.   But Sir Guy always makes it look good!









Guy–so sexy when totally peeved. Love that stare. And the floppy fringe.





Guyday Friday: Name that Tune!


(with apologies to Ringo Starr)

You’re Sir Guy, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine

You walked out of my dreams, and into my life,

Now you’re my dark knight divine

You’re Sir Guy, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine

You’re black leather-clad joy, oh what a boy,

Eyes that smoulder and shine,

You’re Sir Guy, you’re beautiful and you’re mine!

You’re my henchman, you’re so swell

For you, I truly, tru-ly fell

You touched my heart, and “thud” it went

Dark angel, you must be heaven-sent!

Your peaches are dreams, white teeth that gleam

Lips that taste of spiced wine,

You’re Sir Guy, so beautiful, and you’re mine . . .

Mine, all mine, mine, all mine

(well, a girl can dream, right?)