Green-eyed beauty


Some may argue with me, but Richard’s eyes definitely appeared to be green–a striking crystalline green– in much of Strike Back. We discovered just how flattering the camo colors–the olives, the khakis–were on Mr. A as John Porter, especially when set against the backdrop of the South African landscape. And, of course, the man really rocks the scarves. And the camo makeup. And pretty much–everything.

But, oh–those green eyes . . .

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  1. He is absolutely stunning with the face camo and those decidedly green eyes make him even more so. It’s one of the many pictures I have saved of him and when it pops up on my screen it still blows me away. In fact I think I may have more pics of him as John Porter than any other chaRActer although I haven’t actually counted lately! 😉

  2. Such appealing images, and yes, his eyes do appear to be emerald green. He just blows me away, he does (although I prefer his face minus the camo).

    • As I have said before, my own eyes change color when I wear certain clothing / makeup colors or in certain lighting. I once got a note saying that I had “the prettiest green eyes” which was a lovely compliment, only they weren’t green, of course, they were blue. 😉 Later, one of my students told me, “Miss K, you’ve got eyes like a cat today!” LOL And sometimes they look grey or bluish-grey. I just remember someone commenting here that they had never seen Richard with green eyes. Au contraire! 😉

  3. I never ever tire of Porter’s green emerald eyes!!
    Actually my green eyes never turn into blue eyes. Sometimes they appear a bit greyish. Sigh..

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