Be sure and read what Phillipa has to say about Thorin. If you had any doubts about the character’s significance to the trilogy, this might help alleviate them.

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    • I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised! I think many people will be blown away by him – even those unfamiliar with him previously. Of course I think the whole movie will be fantastic!!

      • I think many of those who are not familiar with him are going to leave the theatre thinking, “Man, that Armitage guy is good. I wonder what else he’s done?” 😀 Little do they know all the treats in store.

    • It wouldn’t be the first time (nor likely will it be the last) that Richard eclipses a co-star if that does happen. Look at what happened with RH . . . I’m sure Martin will do a great job but RA is a powerhouse of talent and charisma (and sex appeal)–just what we’ve seen of the trailer so far makes me think he’s going to be an amazing presence in this film.

      • Interesting that the scroll and other images we’ve seen thus far feature Thorin. I think these films will be as much Thorin’s story as anyone else’s, and I agree about the “amazing presence.”

        • It’s definitely Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin who are getting the lion’s share of promotion thus far. In the annual there are three characters with two-page spreads–those three. Everybody else has a single page or part of a page. I am eager to get the official movie guide in Nov. because it is supposed to feature exclusive interviews with principal cast members, which has to include RA. Clearly, Boyens considers Thorin very important part of the story.

  1. I was rapt to read what Phillipa said; the amount of screentime that Thorin will have looks very promising if he has such a pivotal role to play in the story. It would seem that Phillipa has had as much faith in Richard as PJ, judging by what she said at the ComicCon conference; that the minute he opened his mouth they absolutely knew they had made the right decision.
    I agree with you all, Richard is going to knock everyone’s socks off, even those of us who know what he’s capable of! 🙂

  2. Well Angie I’ve said it before and I will say it again he is one HOT DWARF!!!. Phillipa is obviously a very perceptive woman as Nadia says I’am in no doubt that Thorin will steal the show and the whole world will see what a brilliant actor Richard is. Bring It On!!!

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