Monet for Monday


Because I love the sensitive, passionate artist with the infectious smile and the incandescent eyes given to us by Richard as Claude Monet in The Impressionists–and I love the “real” Monet’s work.  The paintings showcase his beautiful garden at Giverny and at Argentuil. Imagine birdsong, the sweet scent of the blossoms,  the reflections of azure sky and the verdant leafy trees in the water, and Monet standing on the arch bridge at Giverny, drinking in all the sights and sounds.  And working feverishly to capture them on his canvas . . .

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  1. As it happens I started a rewatch of „The Impressionists“ last night. I can’t help it but think, here we’ve the chance to see a lot of RA’s RL enthusiasm and even his rapture for his chosen profession. The way the man (or his passion?) glows is breathtakingly fascinating and almost intoxicating. What a determination! Yeah, and his infectious smile and those eyes let us forget all about this unbelievable hair fringes on and around his head….. LOL

    • You will see I referenced your comment on the next post. 😀 Yes, ’tis a pity they couldn’t come up with a better wig for RA. His beauty managed to overcome the dodgy hair. Thank goodness by the time he got to RH S3, they opted for really great hair extensions! 😉

        • I have to agree, Judit. I honestly was so intent on watching Monet (yes – he “was” Monet!) that neither the wigs nor the facial hair detracted from his performance. I do think, however, that because the digital 3D for TH required them to use real hair, albeit from yaks and such, that it will make a big difference to how it will look on screen. Fake hair just looks – well – fake! It doesn’t move like real hair does.

          • That’s why I am so glad they used (what appeared to be real) hair extensions on Richard for RH. Some dodgy wig just wouldn’t have allowed him to hair act as well and it wouldn’t have looked so stunning with Glamour Guy.

  2. “Incandescant” sums him up beautifully. Thank you for giving Monet some love, Angie, you know I am as fond of him as you are. 🙂

    • You’ve been in Giverny , April?!:) Is there as beautiful as in my dreams ?
      Oh ,and thank you Angie.! I love the gentle eyes of Monet (Richard?) 😉

    • I’m a bit envious, april73! I can’t imagine how wonderful that must have been visiting Giverny. As Monet in The Impressionists, I thought Richard was amazing! I myself was impressed myself, not just by his portrayal of Monet and that it was based on letters and other records from that time, but that he was aware that some of Monet’s descendents might see what he had done with the character. I thought that was so respectful of him.

      • I didn’t get to go when we were in France, but that is on my list of places to go on my next trip over there. You remember that I posted about it before with photos of both the gardens and lake and the interior of the house. I read a lot of Monet’s letters and journal entries when I was working on one of my fanvids because I wanted to use actual Monet quotes on the screencaps. I think RA did an admirable job of capturing the real man on screen.

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